Monday, May 30, 2011

Die for Me

If you love great romantic suspense, you'll enjoy Karen Rose's Die for Me, the 7th book in the romantic suspense series. Set in Philadelphia,someone was killing people and made a mass grave of dead bodies. When PPD's Vito Cicotelli and Nick Lawrence came across some armor, they called Professor Sophie Johansen, a historian in medieval artifacts. From that moment on, both of their worlds were drawn together, when they worked on the case and fall in love. Daniel Vartanian was on the hunt for their parents and brought his sister Suzanna along, when it sent them from Georgia to Philly and to this shocking case, when they collaborated with the PPD. But someone wanted to complicate things, when it dealt with a role playing video game, that had a connection to the case. He had his eyes on Sophie. And it might hit close to home for her. Plus, they both had emotional baggage that made their relationship not work, until all things were laid out on the table. When they come closer to the truth, and their relationship heated up, Sophie was in trouble and the next victim. What a great story!

This was another red hot and fiery romantic suspense. I cared about Sophie and Vito, along with the Vartanians. They were all into it together and drawn by the same evil to that investigation. I loved the dual locations of Philadelphia and Georgia for this novel's perfect settings. This made me break out in a cold sweat and cringe in the end. Great drama, intense non-stop action and explosive romance, and real good mystery to the climax.

Will you check out Die for Me today?

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