Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Nothing Personal

Like Donald Trump's motto for hit series, the "Apprentice" franchise series, "it's business and Nothing Personal." This gripping medical thriller spelled it out perfectly. Kate Mannion, a nurse who had been badly injured in a car accident in Philadelphia, was in the center of it all. When she accidentally killed her nurse, she became the prime suspect. And when other staff members became murdered in her own hospital, the spotlight became shone on her. With her own personal history and backstory that was filled with secrets, someone took it upon themselves to send her notes and eliminated those obstacles in his or her away. And when one of the victims was her friend, now she needed to find out who was behind it all for his or her sinister plot with a twisted ending of its own to keep you guessing with the lights on.

This was a great medical thriller. I loved the backdrop of Philadelphia and in the hospital. I did feel bad for Kate, since she was recovering from a harrowing car accident. Not that she had to pay the bills, but some deaths had befallen her. I thought the American Indian police detective was quite interesting. I did like some of her friends and was saddened, when one was killed by a noose. This sent me chills up and down my spine in a cold sweat. This medical suspense would want you to keep reading for more.

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Monday, April 28, 2014

A Dark and Lonely Place

In a Dark and Lonely Place, this was a tale of two similar stories that took place and became separated 100 years in time. Like Bonnie and Clyde, in this nine-part novel, it was about the historical true love story of John Ashley and his girlfriend Laura Upthegrove, the first outlaws in Florida history that spanned years and ended in tragedy. In present day Florida, the fictional John Ashley, a framed and famed police detective, and his witness girlfriend, Laura Groves, who was wanted from the law. From start to finish, Edna Buchanan interwove the historical and fictional counterpart stories with the same story about the police who were after them in two different centuries and ended up in two different outcomes, when both world collided towards the end of the story. For those who love historical mysteries, this is the one for you.

This was one of Edna Buchanan's finest mysteries ever. I loved the parallel comparison of the fictional and factual counterparts of John Ashley and Laura with two different end results, when history didn't repeat itself. I loved how they meshed together for this fantastic novel. The backdrop of present day and past Florida was terrific. I did feel sorrow for both John Ashleys and Lauras in this novel. It was both fascinating and gripping as well. I did hate how the corrupt police mistreated both families in their time period. Riveting, driven and well-researched and written for this historical fiction/mystery.

Ready to read a tale of two stories? Enjoy this one now!

The Nostradamus File

Hold onto your hats! If you loved Clive Cussler's action-adventure novels, you'll really love Alex Lukeman's The Project series. In the 6th book of the Project series, the Project was a top secret elite group that headquartered in Washington D.C. From Virginia to Europe and to the Middle Secret, Nick and his gang took off to parts unknown, when they landed a top secret manuscript from Nostradamus himself, who predicted the future in his time. And it all lead to the hidden Ark and a clandestine niche group who was on their time. Top-notch fast-paced page-turning action with non-stop drama from Selena's feelings on Nick to Nick's own demons from the war he fought on in The Nostradamus File. This series you'll be addicted to... from the first page to the end.

I really enjoyed reading a book from the series. I loved Nick and Selena, who both endured injuries on the ground. The location setting from USA and around the world was stellar. Every single member of their clan was interesting and amusing. It's hard to pick one bad guy out of so many in the book. This would leave you breathless and begging for me to read in a week!

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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Chip Off the Ice Block Murder

I had the pleasure of reading this cozy for Netgalley, this past April. In the 4th installment of the Shay O'Hanlon series, Chip Off the Ice Block Murder,  Jessie Chandler introduced us to a new kind of twist. It was New Year's Eve and Day in a cold winter in Minneapolis, Minnesota. With Shay's father missing and the bartender quit on her, when it was busy in the Leprechaun bar, it left Shay empty-handed and behind on the dispensing of drinks. What made matters worse was her father disappeared, a dead body was found in the body of ice, and Lisa Vecoli arrived on scene. Shay and her partner and lover, JT, and her best friend Nick Cooper were on the scene to find out what happened to her father, and what caused the stink in the bottom of her basement. With the police harping on her, since he was a suspect, the closer to the truth of what went down and happened before it. Little did she knew, there was a hidden shocker, when things turn real cold, and a surprise ending she didn't expect to find. This is a good find for trying new authors.

I loved the backdrop of St. Paul/Minneapolis during the winter holiday season. It gave it an icy feel to it. I enjoyed the interaction with Shay at her father's bar. I liked the chemistry between Shay and JT, who were care of her each other as lovers. I also loved Nick as their best friend and sidekick. I didn't like the mob connection in this story. As for Lisa, she provided plenty of good drama to the mystery itself. Overall, it was a delightful new cozy to try and get hooked on reading the series.

Ready for a new cozy? Check out this one from Jessie Chandler today!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Gun Games

In the 20th installment of the Lazarus/Decker series, Faye Kellerman tackled a difficult subject matter we all faced in this day and age. While Peter Decker was still continuing to hunt for Garth Hammerling, a fugitive serial killer on the run, his next case was his toughest yet. This dealt with bullying and teen suicide at a prestigious high school. It started with one case that escalated to another, while his team tried to find out a connection between the two. And Gabriel Whitman found his first true love and became a center focus point in this story, when it becomes nothing more than personal for the Deckers. This was a well-done well-written mystery about teen life to the extreme with an explosive ending in Gun Games.

For this  mystery, this dealt with strong powerful emotions about teen suicide and bullying. They did go hand and hand. I did feel sorry for Gabe and for Yasmin, since they were two different teens from two different cultures. I also cared about Peter Decker and Rena Lazarus as well, when they were caught up into this ordeal. I loved how Peter continued his search for Garth, when it now seemed to be never-ending in the series.  This made me sad and cry in some scenes, since it tackled with hard-core subject matters. I loved the California backdrop as well and how it explored Gabe's love for music as a genius on the piano. Strong powerful writing, tons of dramatic suspense and a disturbing mystery.

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Ex

John Lutz broke out with his debut thriller, The Ex, a couple of years ago. It was about your not typical ex that you've come across, now and then. David Jones was a happily remarried man with a devoted wife Molly and an adorable son Michael. But once upon a time, he was married to Deirdre. Years later, she re-entered his life with a plan of her own to win him back. And she would take down any obstacles in her way, leaving a trail of wreckage in her wake. Set in the backdrop of NYC, she wormed her way into their lives and driving a wedge her between Molly and David. In this fast-paced thriller, she made it personal, until the shocking climax with a surprising ending.

I loved the backdrop of this hard-core thriller. I did feel bad for David and Molly Jones and their son Michael. When they've gotten everything right, Deirdre came into their life like a whirlwind. I didn't care for her at all and had gotten her comeuppance in the end. I cringed, moaned and groaned, and broke out in a cold sweat. I loved the NYC backdrop as well to paint the scene as well. A light read for a thriller that would leave you on edge.

Why not give this one a try today?

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Last Seen Alive

In Last Seen Alive, Carlene Thompson's stellar romantic suspense debut, she wrote us a rocky and twisted story in a small town. Twelve years ago, Chyna Greer's best friend Zoey Simms disappeared and was later presumed dead. Now she returned back to Black Willow, when her mother died. After a boating accident, she began having ESP with a stellar gift. While she mourned the loss of her mom, she discovered the sterling connection of other missing girls. Right under her nose, another girl went missing, while she was to blame by the town gossip. With her former crush Scott Kendrick by her side, she got closer to the truth and later learned a shocking family secret that rocked her world and her boat, placing her in imminent harm and in peril to the final end.

This romantic suspense debut would leave you breathless and shaking all over. I did feel bad for Chynna, when she had the boat accident and everything else that had befallen to her. When her best friend Zoe disappeared, that went straight to my gut. I liked her uncle and her sister-in-law. Her brother left me a bad taste in  my mouth. But I did like Scott, who went through his own hardships as well. I loved them together. I didn't like how the town placed the blame for her, either. I loved the scenic depictions in that small town she lived in. Plenty of heated chemistry and lots of suspense with a twisted ending.

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Perfect Hatred

In the late Leighton Gage's Mario Silva series, he wrote some of the finest work before he died last summer. Before the final book came out this year, Perfect Hatred delivered us a powerful mystery with a suckerpunch or two. It all started with a bombing and an assassination, from there it escalated from there with Mario's most complicated mystery yet. From Brazil to Paraguay to Argentina, this mystery went cross-country and all over the continent in the search of a killer and a terrorist, while dealing with dirty politics. But little did Mario knew, someone was gunning after him with a perfect hatred of honey-dipped vengeance, until one of their own was killed in the line of duty. This one delivered an excellent mystery.

This was an explosive and red-hot mystery. I continued to love the South American backdrop from Brazil to Argentina. Vivid imagery depicted the scenery very real on the settings. It placed you right into the picture.  I continued to like Mario Silva, his nephew Hector, and his police team. I didn't like it, when they lost one of their own in the end. Nor did I like the evil guys who wanted to do them in. The political slate was deep and rich for the storyline. Non-stop action with plenty of drama will keep you reading all day and night long.

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sleep No More

In Sleep No More, Susan Crandall gave me a shocking twisted romantic suspense that would send you shivers down your spine. At a young age, Abby was blamed for the fire that scarred her baby sister's life when she sleepwalked. Years later, her sleepwalking took a twisted turn of another kind, when she'd gottne involved in a car accident. From that moment on, she didn't remember everything and became an intended target from an unknown enemy. That's when Jason Coble entered her life as a friend, psychologist and future love. The closer they'd gotten to the truth, the more dangerous her life became caught in a sticky web, while things heat up for them. In the end, she learned the truth of both accidents and threw caution to the wind for a future romance. What a heated romantic suspense!

This was an intense romantic suspense, when it boarded on sleep disorders of the worst kind. I felt sorry for Abby, when she was blamed for something she didn't do. I didn't care for her sister at all. I enjoyed Jason's compassionate and warmth towards Abby and her family. I didn't like his ex or his son. But his daughter was cute. I also hated that it was a slight political angle. I also enjoyed the scenic descriptions in this harboring romantic suspense. This would leave you cold and numb.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

The Doctor Digs a Grave

In the Doctor Digs a Grave by Robin Hathaway, the first book in the Dr. Fenimore Mystery series, this traditional mystery had a helluva twist. We're introduced to Dr. Andrew Fenimore, a doctor and sometimes PI, when he wasn't with patients. It all started with Fenimore and Horatio, a young boy who wanted to bury his cat. But what they discovered on ancient Native American Indian burial ground, a body of a barely dead young woman. From there, they investigated the murder and found out all about her, including her medical history and her relations with her fiance's family. There was plenty shocking twisty turns in this mystery, as Fenimore got closer to the truth and his life dangled on the line. As he narrowed the field to a culprit, he didn't see it coming, before it was too late. Right under his nose, he uncovered how the murder was done and who did it and why. A lovely mystery set in Philadelphia and parts of New Jersey.

This was an intense and insane traditional mystery. I loved the concept of having a male doctor become the lead character in this story. We do care about Fenimore and see things from his point of view. I liked how he took Horatio under his wings and in care. I liked how he worked with everyone in his employ. The tri-state area and the Lenape American Indian Reservation were quite peculiar locations for this story. I did feel bad for the deceased American Indian Woman. It was too quite and pretty bitter. I didn't like how some people mistreated her. Great dramatic suspense with a compelling storyline.

Don't go under? Grab a shovel and try this book today!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Moon Signs

If you like a new kind of cozies, this series is a charmer. If you loved the late Anne George's senior sister series, long time ago, you'll enjoy this one. Kathleen Williamson, a widow, and her spinster sister Andrea, visited a local ski resort in a small town in West Virginia, where their niece worked. On their trip, they became embroiled in a mysterious adventure, when they'd searched for their ancestors Monet paintings at the same resort. By the signs of the moon, they've gotten more than they bargained for... when two people wound up dead. And they were in the thick of it, while they helped the police and the sheriff with the investigation. Everyone in that hotel was a suspect under their eyes and come together for a closer look, when they might be the next one in the crossfire in Moon Signs, the first book in the Moon Mystery series. Plenty of charming suspense and drama in this cozy.

I loved the setting of a small ski resort town in West Virginia. I also loved the chemistry between the police and with Kathleen and Andrea. Maggie was an interesting character. We get to see how her aunts cared about her. I also enjoyed the art connection too for a hint of a twist. I loved the lunar skiing scene that took place at night.  This was an enjoyable book to read.

If you love a charming cozy, check this one to try it out for size!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Urgent Care

If you've followed the Angels of Mercy series before with Lifelines and Warning Signs, you'll enjoy the heart-stopping third installation. We followed the lives and loves of Gina, Amanda, Nora and Lydia, and their patients. And this time, things took a heated turn, when a fellow nurse was found battered and left for dead. From there, everyone was a suspect who worked around the crime scene and leaked it to the press. Everyone dealt with a dilemma of their own, while it was personal or professional, when they dealt with their most complicated and complex cases in their careers. Later on, they found out, they've gotten two major problems who made a target in the hospital, when looks could be deceiving. Urgent Care dealt with the matters of the heart and lives on their own with action-packed medical thriller suspense.

This was a fantastic medical thriller with heart-pounding suspense in every page. I loved how this focused on Nora and Seth, when it became her story to focus on. I loved the Philadelphia backdrop for the series, especially when it's outside and inside the hospital premises. This one sent me shivers up and down my spine to leave me cold all over. When you read this series, it  makes you feel like you're watching from the observatory when the operate on people. Great drama, nice suspense, and plenty of action and romance to keep you at the edge of your seat.

Don't misread the warning signs! Check this out today!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Body Count

If you love compelling psychological thrillers, you love this series by Aussie author PD Martin. She introduced us to Sophie Anderson, a FBI profiler with psychic visions who lost her brother when she was younger.  In present-day, she took us on a wild ride, when Sophie and her FBI task force were on their toughest case yet. They tracked down a serial killer and profiling him was hard as it gets. Right under their noses, one of their own became one of his victims and there was a race against time to find her before it became too late. With Sophie's visions and new insight into his profile helped them to track down his previous crimes across the country. Later on, they got a shock to the system and he was after Sophie. And she couldn't believe who it was and why, when it was a fight for survival at the end in Body Count.

This was an intense psychological thriller. I loved the solid backdrop of Australia for the scenery. I did get to care about Sophie, a strong character that was dealt with a lot of baggage from her childhood. The psychic vision twist made her even stronger and unique as well. This gripped me on the first page and pulled me into her world. I did feel bad for Samantha, her friend, who ended up caught in the middle and dead. I didn't like the ME.

Ready for a sucker-punch to the gut? Give this one a try today!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Because of You

If you love heartfelt and compassionate contemporary romances with the twist, welcome to the Coming Home series. In Because of You, the first book in the Coming Home series, Jessica Scott wrote about the war in Afghanistan in 2007, before, during and after. It dealt with families and relationship, on and off the battlefield. When Shane Garrison met Army nurse, Jen St. James, there was chemistry  between them. Shane dealt with his battle wounds, the situation with his ex-wife, and delicate matters with the team with a pending investigation. Jen St. James had her own scars to deal with, as a former breast cancer survivor. With each other, they wouldn't get through their situation and face the ghosts of the past for their future. This tugged your heart and reminded us that beauty's skin deep, when we all deal with all types of scars. A beautiful story from former Army Veteran Jessica Scott who've been through it all herself.

This was a fantastic five-star contemporary romance novel. It dealt with the matters of the heart and war wounds. I did like the war scenes in Afghanistan and in the hospital. I did care about Jen who had insecurities, since she dealt with breast cancer. I also cared about Trent and Laura and Shane as well. I didn't like the prick of the lieutenant that wanted to do Shane and Trent in. I did feel bad for Shane, who was going through a tough divorce, and then recovering from his own war wounds. I also worried about Laura and Trent's relationship, especially since it caused a tension in their marriage. This moved me to tears and tugged my heart real tight.

Want to read a terrific romance? Check this out today and buy the whole series, too!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Wall-to-Wall Dead

In the 6th installment of Jennie Bentley's DIY series, she introduced us to a new kind of murder. When Avery and her fiancé Derek started to renovate a condo before it was up to sell, they met the neighbors and got to know them better. When nosy busybody Hilda Show pried into their lives, Avery's new neighbors didn't like her. When she turned up dead, she learned about what everyone's secrets were in a secret file. Talk about your Pandora's Box imploding, when their dirty laundry was hung up to dry for exposure. It was now up to Avery and Derek to find out who's up to no good, while they were in the midst of planning their wedding. And when another neighbor wound up ill and later died, it's up to find out what their true motives and intentions were. The closer they got to the truth, the more lives were in danger in a shocking climax in Wall to Wall Dead.

I continue to love this series with DIY tips for you to do at home. I also love the beautiful Maine settings with the renovations. I love Avery and Derek as a couple, when they prepare to get married. Hilda left me a bad taste in my mouth for her snooping. But some of the other neighbors they had left me cold and numb all over. I do love their friends and family for them to get married.  Each book in the cozy series had its own special qualities to make it a charming gem.

Why not check out a copy today!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Burning Up

If you love contemporary romances showcasing a different kind of hero, this series is for you. In Burning Up, we were introduced to Jack Donovan, a smokejumper who came back home to Strong, California, when there was a rash of wildfires in his home town. With his two brothers and his jump team, they were on the scene, when it sent him to his former flame's doorstep. Lily Cortez ran her own lavender farm, when there was an arsonist stalker burning her personal and private things. It was up to Jack to protect Lily, find out who terrorized her, and heat things up with Lily, pick up where things left up with a burning chemistry of their own. As they close in to the arsonist, things got fiery, when their lives were on their line, and Jack professed his love and his heart to Lily. What a red hot romance.

This was a fantastic contemporary romance. I loved the concept of fire fighters and smoke jumpers for the concept to launch the series. I loved the California and the small town of Strong for the scenery. We do get a sense of Jack's life, professional and personal, and how he took charge to care for the others. The same went for his brothers, too. I didn't like the stalker, either. He gave me the creeps. I do love Lily's passion for independent living and her lavender farm. I loved the chemistry between Lily and Jack too. This would burn you up on a cold winter day with drama, action, and romance.

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