Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sleep No More

In Sleep No More, Susan Crandall gave me a shocking twisted romantic suspense that would send you shivers down your spine. At a young age, Abby was blamed for the fire that scarred her baby sister's life when she sleepwalked. Years later, her sleepwalking took a twisted turn of another kind, when she'd gottne involved in a car accident. From that moment on, she didn't remember everything and became an intended target from an unknown enemy. That's when Jason Coble entered her life as a friend, psychologist and future love. The closer they'd gotten to the truth, the more dangerous her life became caught in a sticky web, while things heat up for them. In the end, she learned the truth of both accidents and threw caution to the wind for a future romance. What a heated romantic suspense!

This was an intense romantic suspense, when it boarded on sleep disorders of the worst kind. I felt sorry for Abby, when she was blamed for something she didn't do. I didn't care for her sister at all. I enjoyed Jason's compassionate and warmth towards Abby and her family. I didn't like his ex or his son. But his daughter was cute. I also hated that it was a slight political angle. I also enjoyed the scenic descriptions in this harboring romantic suspense. This would leave you cold and numb.

Ready to stay awake at night? Indulge yourself with a copy right now!

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