Saturday, April 19, 2014

Last Seen Alive

In Last Seen Alive, Carlene Thompson's stellar romantic suspense debut, she wrote us a rocky and twisted story in a small town. Twelve years ago, Chyna Greer's best friend Zoey Simms disappeared and was later presumed dead. Now she returned back to Black Willow, when her mother died. After a boating accident, she began having ESP with a stellar gift. While she mourned the loss of her mom, she discovered the sterling connection of other missing girls. Right under her nose, another girl went missing, while she was to blame by the town gossip. With her former crush Scott Kendrick by her side, she got closer to the truth and later learned a shocking family secret that rocked her world and her boat, placing her in imminent harm and in peril to the final end.

This romantic suspense debut would leave you breathless and shaking all over. I did feel bad for Chynna, when she had the boat accident and everything else that had befallen to her. When her best friend Zoe disappeared, that went straight to my gut. I liked her uncle and her sister-in-law. Her brother left me a bad taste in  my mouth. But I did like Scott, who went through his own hardships as well. I loved them together. I didn't like how the town placed the blame for her, either. I loved the scenic depictions in that small town she lived in. Plenty of heated chemistry and lots of suspense with a twisted ending.

Ready, set, go! Pick up a copy today!

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