Sunday, April 13, 2014

Moon Signs

If you like a new kind of cozies, this series is a charmer. If you loved the late Anne George's senior sister series, long time ago, you'll enjoy this one. Kathleen Williamson, a widow, and her spinster sister Andrea, visited a local ski resort in a small town in West Virginia, where their niece worked. On their trip, they became embroiled in a mysterious adventure, when they'd searched for their ancestors Monet paintings at the same resort. By the signs of the moon, they've gotten more than they bargained for... when two people wound up dead. And they were in the thick of it, while they helped the police and the sheriff with the investigation. Everyone in that hotel was a suspect under their eyes and come together for a closer look, when they might be the next one in the crossfire in Moon Signs, the first book in the Moon Mystery series. Plenty of charming suspense and drama in this cozy.

I loved the setting of a small ski resort town in West Virginia. I also loved the chemistry between the police and with Kathleen and Andrea. Maggie was an interesting character. We get to see how her aunts cared about her. I also enjoyed the art connection too for a hint of a twist. I loved the lunar skiing scene that took place at night.  This was an enjoyable book to read.

If you love a charming cozy, check this one to try it out for size!

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