Friday, April 4, 2014

Burning Up

If you love contemporary romances showcasing a different kind of hero, this series is for you. In Burning Up, we were introduced to Jack Donovan, a smokejumper who came back home to Strong, California, when there was a rash of wildfires in his home town. With his two brothers and his jump team, they were on the scene, when it sent him to his former flame's doorstep. Lily Cortez ran her own lavender farm, when there was an arsonist stalker burning her personal and private things. It was up to Jack to protect Lily, find out who terrorized her, and heat things up with Lily, pick up where things left up with a burning chemistry of their own. As they close in to the arsonist, things got fiery, when their lives were on their line, and Jack professed his love and his heart to Lily. What a red hot romance.

This was a fantastic contemporary romance. I loved the concept of fire fighters and smoke jumpers for the concept to launch the series. I loved the California and the small town of Strong for the scenery. We do get a sense of Jack's life, professional and personal, and how he took charge to care for the others. The same went for his brothers, too. I didn't like the stalker, either. He gave me the creeps. I do love Lily's passion for independent living and her lavender farm. I loved the chemistry between Lily and Jack too. This would burn you up on a cold winter day with drama, action, and romance.

Bring the fire hose! Douse the flame with a copy today!

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