Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Nothing Personal

Like Donald Trump's motto for hit series, the "Apprentice" franchise series, "it's business and Nothing Personal." This gripping medical thriller spelled it out perfectly. Kate Mannion, a nurse who had been badly injured in a car accident in Philadelphia, was in the center of it all. When she accidentally killed her nurse, she became the prime suspect. And when other staff members became murdered in her own hospital, the spotlight became shone on her. With her own personal history and backstory that was filled with secrets, someone took it upon themselves to send her notes and eliminated those obstacles in his or her away. And when one of the victims was her friend, now she needed to find out who was behind it all for his or her sinister plot with a twisted ending of its own to keep you guessing with the lights on.

This was a great medical thriller. I loved the backdrop of Philadelphia and in the hospital. I did feel bad for Kate, since she was recovering from a harrowing car accident. Not that she had to pay the bills, but some deaths had befallen her. I thought the American Indian police detective was quite interesting. I did like some of her friends and was saddened, when one was killed by a noose. This sent me chills up and down my spine in a cold sweat. This medical suspense would want you to keep reading for more.

Come on and grab a copy today!

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