Saturday, November 28, 2015


In Linda Fairstein's Entombed, the 7th installment in the Alexandra Cooper legal thriller series, she told us a chilling thriller that raised a notch up in the chill factor. For Alexandra Cooper, she had a lot on her hands. First she tackled the return of a serial rapist who returned after a hiatus. Meanwhile, she investigated the murders of Emily Upshaw and the shocking entombment of a corpse, 20 years ago. While she worked on both cases, her friend Michael Chapman learned about the devastating loss on his girlfriend from a freak ski accident. With a lot of twists and turns, it all odds up to the Raven Society and the connection to Edgar Allen Poe and who was behind what happened to everyone who tried to stop them in the end.

This was a shocking and twist cold legal thriller. I cared about Alex and Mike Chapman a lot. I didn't like the people involved with the Raven Society or the Maswanas for sure. They gave me the cold creeps. I loved the central New York City locations for the settings of this cold wintry legal thriller. I do liked the Edgar Allen Poe connection to the entombed body of the corpse and throughout the interwoven storyline. This would make you feel chilled to your core with tons of action, drama, suspense and intrigue.

Will you be intrigued to read Entombed today?

Friday, November 27, 2015

The Forgotten Solider

In Brad Taylor's the Forgotten Soldier, the 9th installment in the Pike Logan military thriller series, this dealt with real life issues like the ongoing war against terrorism overseas. For Guy George, he lost his brother in the war and received his box of his belongings.Now as a solider himself, he believed he was killed by the Afghans in the war. With Guy's insane suspicions, it was up to Pike Logan and his task force team to back him up and fight in the war, when Secretary State Billings had caught up in the crosshairs of the lines of fire. In the end, Guy risked his life and saved another, losing his own on the line. For Pike and the others, they finished what he started to clean up the ugly mess and take care of business in the honor of his memory.

This was a gripping and compelling military thriller that dealt with real life events in the ongoing warfront. I really cared about Pike, Jennifer and his task force, especially for Guy who lost his brother before he lost his own life in the end. I became suspicious of Billings and his corrupt misuse and abuse of political power. The locations on and off the war was fantastic in the Middle East and also back in the USA to take it back home. The settings were very realistic to set the scene with fast action-packed scenes. Pike's task force team are a force to be reckoned with in this military novel.

Salute to those who have fallen in the Forgotten Solider! Pre-order a copy today!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


In Tim Washburn's debut thriller, Powerless, that word described it all and the best for that gripping novel. Everyone had experienced a blackout from time to time. But not like this. For Samuel Blake and Kaylee Connor at the NOAA, they predicted a doomed geometric storm that would take out the complete power grid in the whole world. And it might take years to get it restored. From the White House to Oklahoma, everyone had to fend for themselves, when the lights go out for good. Violent raids for food and weapons, new romances for Zeke and Kaylee to find in the midst of the dark, and a whole lot of heartache when people would kill for food or drugs. Until they wait for the power to be restored...

This was a fantastic novel from start to finish. I really cared for Zeke and his family, Kaylee and Samuel, even President Harris. This is a gripping novel in every page about the dilemma of what to do, when we have a loss of power that wouldn't be restored for years on end. I didn't care much about the violence, though it was the norm for those kind of chaotic dilemmas. But I did love the newfound romances among the central characters too. I loved the vast set of locations for the different settings from Washington D.C. even in the war overseas. This would leave you speechless with excellent non-stop action, suspense, intrigue and plenty of drama in every gripping scene.

Don't be powerless in the dark. Pick up a copy to light your way!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Taken by Sin

In Jaci Burton's Taken by Sin, the 4th installment in the Demon Hunters paranormal romance series, we were taken into the world when good versus evil and love conquers all. For Dalton, he was a fallen angel who wanted to redeem himself for taking a non-demon life. Instead, he swore to protect Isabelle from the Sons of Darkness, when she had half-demon blood inside her. As he had fond a way to save her, he fell in love with her, too. But it came with some difficulties and challenges along the way, like the demon hunters who were after him for going after Isabelle. But truth be told, they learn his secret and what he had to do to save her. In the end, he chose the right choice to be with her as they vanquished the evil inside her together.

This was an out-of-this-worldly paranormal romance dealing with voodoo and the dark and light forces. The timely romance between Dalton and Isabelle was a bit enchanted with the side romance of Mandy and Michael's relationship in Florida and elsewhere. I liked the plot about good vs evil and how they would vanquish the demons and those humans who've been their hosts in the long run. This would wheel you into another realm like no other and take you a trip that without bends the hands of time. My heart ached for Dalton's quest and Isabelle's plight and the journey they would take together in the end with their worldly love. Great drama, good suspense, non-stop action and tons of romance.

Will you be taken by sin? If so, give it a a try today?

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Bowled Over

In Victoria Hamilton's Bowled Over, the second installment of the Vintage Kitchen Cozy Mystery series, this tale had plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing. Before the annual 4th of July picnic in Queensville, Michigan, Jaymie Leighton had a run-in from her former best friend, Kathy Cooper. To this day, she didn't know what caused the rift of their friendship and Kathy's venomous looks over to Jaymie's way. Before the picnic, she had ruffled a couple of people's feathers. By the fireworks exploded, Jaymie had found Kathy's dead body near the bathrooms with her broken Melanine bowl in the area. Now it was up for Jaymie to find out what went behind the vicious rumors that ended her friendship and who killed Kathy that night. Meanwhile stuck in a middle of a love triangle of her own between Detective Christian and her boyfriend Dan Collins, it was up for Jaymie to get to the bottom of the truth before it might too later for her.

This was another great culinary cozy from Victoria Hamilton. This one dealt with a lot of secrets and tons of surprises at every turn. I cared for Jaymie and her relationship with her sister Becca, and became with the love triangle she faced herself with between Zach and Dan. I loved the Queensville MI location and the intricate and lovely quaint settings for this small town. I didn't like Kathy much or the Douglases for that matter.  This one would pull at your heart strings and take your on a gripping ride with plenty of drama, intrigue, suspense and a hint of romance.

Don't get bowled over! Pick up a copy today!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Christmas in Bellevue Lane

In Anna DeStefano's Christmas on Bellevue Lane, another installment in the Echoes in the Heart contemporary romance novella series, we're introduced to the Dixon family once again. For Joe and Marsha Dixon, they wanted to make Christmas in July for their first grandchild Camile to carry on the tradition. But since  Joe was recovering from his heart surgery, everyone was concerned about his health. And when he fled the house, that's when Marsha told Camille her story on how she met Joe, and how they started fostering with the Christmas in July celebration in their foster family. And when he returned, he made it a Christmas to remember with heartfelt promises for the entire family to get better.

This was another beautiful and timeless contemporary holiday romance novella. I fell in love with Joe and Marsha Dixon's love story in Chandlerville, Georgia. I felt saddened to hear about the loss of Marsha's parents and then her inability to have babies. I cared about them then and now. I loved the small knit community in Chandlerville, which is ideal and perfect for this series. Your heart strings will be taught for this love story with romance, some drama, non-stop action and a bit of mystery.

Will you celebrate Christmas on Bellevue Lane? If so, check it out tomorrow!