Friday, November 27, 2015

The Forgotten Solider

In Brad Taylor's the Forgotten Soldier, the 9th installment in the Pike Logan military thriller series, this dealt with real life issues like the ongoing war against terrorism overseas. For Guy George, he lost his brother in the war and received his box of his belongings.Now as a solider himself, he believed he was killed by the Afghans in the war. With Guy's insane suspicions, it was up to Pike Logan and his task force team to back him up and fight in the war, when Secretary State Billings had caught up in the crosshairs of the lines of fire. In the end, Guy risked his life and saved another, losing his own on the line. For Pike and the others, they finished what he started to clean up the ugly mess and take care of business in the honor of his memory.

This was a gripping and compelling military thriller that dealt with real life events in the ongoing warfront. I really cared about Pike, Jennifer and his task force, especially for Guy who lost his brother before he lost his own life in the end. I became suspicious of Billings and his corrupt misuse and abuse of political power. The locations on and off the war was fantastic in the Middle East and also back in the USA to take it back home. The settings were very realistic to set the scene with fast action-packed scenes. Pike's task force team are a force to be reckoned with in this military novel.

Salute to those who have fallen in the Forgotten Solider! Pre-order a copy today!

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