Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Taken by Sin

In Jaci Burton's Taken by Sin, the 4th installment in the Demon Hunters paranormal romance series, we were taken into the world when good versus evil and love conquers all. For Dalton, he was a fallen angel who wanted to redeem himself for taking a non-demon life. Instead, he swore to protect Isabelle from the Sons of Darkness, when she had half-demon blood inside her. As he had fond a way to save her, he fell in love with her, too. But it came with some difficulties and challenges along the way, like the demon hunters who were after him for going after Isabelle. But truth be told, they learn his secret and what he had to do to save her. In the end, he chose the right choice to be with her as they vanquished the evil inside her together.

This was an out-of-this-worldly paranormal romance dealing with voodoo and the dark and light forces. The timely romance between Dalton and Isabelle was a bit enchanted with the side romance of Mandy and Michael's relationship in Florida and elsewhere. I liked the plot about good vs evil and how they would vanquish the demons and those humans who've been their hosts in the long run. This would wheel you into another realm like no other and take you a trip that without bends the hands of time. My heart ached for Dalton's quest and Isabelle's plight and the journey they would take together in the end with their worldly love. Great drama, good suspense, non-stop action and tons of romance.

Will you be taken by sin? If so, give it a a try today?

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