Wednesday, November 18, 2015


In Tim Washburn's debut thriller, Powerless, that word described it all and the best for that gripping novel. Everyone had experienced a blackout from time to time. But not like this. For Samuel Blake and Kaylee Connor at the NOAA, they predicted a doomed geometric storm that would take out the complete power grid in the whole world. And it might take years to get it restored. From the White House to Oklahoma, everyone had to fend for themselves, when the lights go out for good. Violent raids for food and weapons, new romances for Zeke and Kaylee to find in the midst of the dark, and a whole lot of heartache when people would kill for food or drugs. Until they wait for the power to be restored...

This was a fantastic novel from start to finish. I really cared for Zeke and his family, Kaylee and Samuel, even President Harris. This is a gripping novel in every page about the dilemma of what to do, when we have a loss of power that wouldn't be restored for years on end. I didn't care much about the violence, though it was the norm for those kind of chaotic dilemmas. But I did love the newfound romances among the central characters too. I loved the vast set of locations for the different settings from Washington D.C. even in the war overseas. This would leave you speechless with excellent non-stop action, suspense, intrigue and plenty of drama in every gripping scene.

Don't be powerless in the dark. Pick up a copy to light your way!

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