Wednesday, June 25, 2014

After I Do

In After I Do, Taylor Jenkins Reid tells us a story about two young people who fall in love and later fall out of love after marriage. In this beautifully written novel, she wrote a wonderful story about love, life and death in Lauren Cooper's life. Lauren Spencer met and fall in love with Ryan Cooper in college. Later on, they got married and enjoyed married life. After a couple of years later, they decided to take a break to rediscover themselves and to refocus on their lives. A lot have happened in Lauren's family, during that time span. This is a lovely story that teaches us a life lesson, when Lauren and Ryan come back together to pick up where they left off. Bring your hankies!

This story was told in a few parts by date on how Lauren met Ryan, when they married, and decided to go their separate ways. This was a beautiful woman's fiction novel about romance and marriage and family. I loved her brother Charlie who found his own way on becoming the man of the house and starting a family.  Lauren's mother also had a relationship with her own boyfriend. I didn't like it, when they split up to see other people; but I loved it, how they worked on getting back together with a fresh start. They didn't even get divorced. I also adored the dog too.

If you love heart-rendering woman's fiction novel, check this out today!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dead Man Talking

In the 5th installment of the Pepper Martin series, Dead Man Talking, Casey Daniels brought on a new challenge to her female lead character. Her newest client is a former prison warden who gave her a new kind of case--finding out who framed him, instead of who killed him. Pepper's ready to bring it on, while she also dealt with a local reality show for a cemetery restoration project for her cemetery. People would do anything to win, if it was against the law and bribery. Instead of working with the Historical Society ladies, she wound up working with prisoners of a community service program. Not only that, things are getting hot between her and Quinn. Things got complicated and place her in danger, when she gets closer to the truth to clear the warden's name. What a thrill ride.

I loved the spin in this paranormal cozy tale, when he wanted to wrong a right. I also loved the reality show competition between the Historical Society and a prison gang doing community service for a local access show. It had a clever spin to add here with a twist. We could see Pepper double duty and was torn for her feelings for Quinn.  I loved the cemetery scenes with the reality show and also in prison as well. This one made me hold my breath and so much more.

Ready to brave a paranormal cozy? Give this one a glance!

Thursday, June 19, 2014


Embrace yourself for a new kind of thriller. Take part legal thriller and part medical thriller, you get an amazing combination of a fascinating thriller. That's what Pamela Callow did in her Kate Lange series set in Halifax, Nova Scotia. In Damaged, Kate Lange was an associate in a prestigious law firm and stuck with the family law cases with litigation dreams. When she received a case of a missing private school student, she was more than stuck in family drama, but she had issues of her own haunted past as well. From there, she came across a medical mystery on her own with nefarious people and shocking consequences. This thriller will leave you cold to the marrow of her bone.

I loved the setting of Nova Scotia, Canada. I also loved the legal thriller met medical thriller connection in this cross-genre mash-up. It worked both ways. Kate Lange was an interesting female lead. I bet everyone hated being stuck in a rut at work and wanted to more up to finer and better things. Everyone had emotional baggage they wanted to discard and do without it. They were a bunch of numerous bad people here I was revolted by, especially the medical examiner Abigail Keating.  She was beyond creepy like Cruella DeVil. With non-stop action, you can't beat the rush of adrenalin in this book.

Ready for a fast-paced thrill ride? Hop aboard and buckle up with a copy today!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

One Scream Away

If you're ready to have another shocking romantic suspense, Kate Brady's Sheridan series is the one of you. In One Scream Away, Beth Denison was a single mother with a devastating family secret. She was also an antique doll collector as well in Virginia. When former FBI Agent Neil Sheridan came knocking on her door, all bets were off between them. He was on the hunt for a serial killer, the same one that destroyed his life, a decade ago. Now this mad serial killer was on the loose, wrecking havoc. Between Beth and Neil, they shared a couple of things in common. But the chemistry between them was heated and at the boiling point. It was up to Neil to get Beth to open up about the past, when he sworn to protect her and her daughter, before it's way too late.

This was an awesome romantic suspense. At first glance, you begin to care for Beth and her daughter. I became worried about her. I loved the chemistry between Beth and Neil, on how he protected them from harm. When she revealed the truth of her past, it shocked me to the core. Now I knew why she did the things she had to do with her own secrets. This one left me feeling hot and cold and warm all over.

Ready to embrace a new romantic suspense? Check this out today!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Love Only Once

In one of the timeless and most charming historical romances of all time, Johanna Lindsey wove us an intricate love story about two people who found each other in Love Only Once. This was the first book of the Malory-Anderson Family series. Nicholas Eden was a reformed bachelor who kept his own emotional baggage of his own with family secrets. When he met the niece of the Malory brothers, Regina Ashton, he fell head over heels for her. They met by a chance encounter by mistake, which caused a scandal in return. Later on, they made love and prevented her reputation from being the subject of ruination. That sparked a love-hate relationship between them, even when they were continents apart, and try to find each other with love and consolation. This is a priceless charming historical romance.

I enjoyed getting to know Nicholas and Regina in this story. Two different people with their own needs. I loved how Regina's family all banded together to protect her from harm. They each have their own quirks and loved her in his own way. Her Uncle Jason as a pirate was an amusing twist with his own son Jeremy on board. Although they were at odds with one another,  I was immediately sucked into Regina's world, when she first met Nicholas. His family was a whole another story with surprising hidden family secrets. I cried a few times in this love story.

Get ready to be swept away? Check out this book today!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Indemnity Only

If you're a big fan of mysteries, then Sara Paretsky's debut, Indemnity Only, is the one for you. This one started the ongoing series from start to finish with the first installment. V.I. Warshawski was a private investigator, when her first case was more complicated and perplexed than before. It all started with the hunt of two missing people and spread out to there with other discoveries. Other than being roughed up and threatened, nothing stopped V.I. from getting down to the answers and the truth right down to the heart of the matter. And when the going got tough, it kept getting complicated. This is a fun read with full of dramatic surprises to keep you guessing.

V.I. Warshawski was an interesting and complex character.  I liked her bravado and tenacity to come through with the answers and piece together the puzzle.  She came out fighting like a lioness on the prowl. I loved how she made the connection between the two cases as well. I didn't like the bad guys from the gang and the link to the missing person's father.  Too slimy in my case. Chicago and later Wyoming was a great scenic location for this storyline. You would be hooked with this one as well.

Ready for a great read for Black Friday shopping? Add this to your wish list this weekend!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Secrets of Rosa Lee

What brought six people together? In Jodi Thomas's The Secrets of Rosa Lee, it was one house that's up for demolition with a vote on a special committee. In Clifton Creek, Texas, that's what Professor Sidney Dickerson was chairman of for a week. When six people come together, they all look for the secrets of Rosa Lee Altman and the history of the legacy she left behind in her house. While they look around her home, bad things have happened to six good people--threats, fights, warnings and plenty of trouble in one Texas winter. But for three people, in this journey, they brought friendship and find love along the way. Each one of them have emotional baggage they left behind in the past. For one week, they've gotten to know each other better and became a special friendly. And for Sidney Dickerson, she discovered the shocking secret of them all. What a lovely contemporary romance.

This was a moving and heart-warming story with a light ghost story. I enjoyed Lara and Sidney, Billy, and the others in their little circle that did everything to save the house and to discover the secrets of Rosa. The Texas backdrop made for a good pictured depiction for this charming romance. I didn't like the oil company that harmed them, especially at Lara. Friendship and love went beyond this story, that made me laugh and cry and gasp in the end.

Go out and pick up a copy today!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Dead Head

In the third installment of Rosemary Harris's Dirty Business series, Dead Head, Paula Holliday was in way over her head in another mystery of her own. While her business was running slow, she watched one of her friends get arrested. While it shocked the sleepy town of Springfield, Connecticut, she uncovered the truth behind the backstory of that scandal. While she remained uncertain on Mike O'Malley's feelings for her, she ran into some nefarious characters as possible suspects, while she fended for herself to get to the truth. Another dirty little mystery for this surprising cozy.

This was another delightful gardening mystery with a lot of built in suspense. I enjoyed the fun bantering between Paula and Mike.  I really did feel bad for Caroline aka Monika's past and her family issues.  Those backstory flashback pages was a good touch. But I was glad it could be sorted out in the end. Intrigued from the first couple of pages, you'll be reading this in one setting. I didn't like the people who wanted to harm her and do her in as well.

Ready to dig for clues in a tons of dirt? Grab a copy of this book today!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Death by Darjeeling

In Laura Childs's Death by Darjeeling, the first Tea Shop Mysteries cozy series, we were introduced to her and to how she came about owning the tea shop with such delightful tea blends. But Laura Childs also introduced us to her first culinary mystery, when someone died in her tea shop by drinking tea. There was a slew of characters that made for interested suspects and culprits. And the closer the truth Theo and her gang discovered the truth about the culprit, the more someone had threatened her life and her dog, Earl Grey's life came to be in the end with a shocking truth.

 This is a great culinary cozy featuring tea. We learn about tea blends and making tea with a bit of background history. Theodosia Browning was an interesting and amusing character for a captivating reading. I didn't like it on how her pet was endangered by the bad guys.  I liked how Theo and her gang helped her out, including Bethany and Haley, to pull their own weight.  What a fascinated read!

Got tea? Check out this cozy this weekend!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Body in the Belfry

Village life was something new for Faith Fairchild to experience. From a big city like New York, when she moved to Aleford, Massachusetts with her husband Tom and baby son Benjamin, she didn't expect to be caught up in a mystery to kick things off. In Katherine Hall Page's The Body in the Belfry, the first book in the Faith Fairchild series, that's just what happened to Faith. We get to know about her backstory and what mess she'd gotten herself embroiled into, when she came across the body of Cindy Shepherd and discovered all about her family. She's out to help her fellow friend and neighbors. And when another death in the family occurred, the shocking dawning realization came across to her. Little did she know, she might become the next victim. before it's too late to discover the cold-hearted truth.

This was a great introduction to Faith Fairchild and her young family. This had a cross of culinary and inspirational fiction into one charming cozy. I loved the backdrop of Aleford, Massachusetts. I also loved the backdrop of Faith's life and marriage to Tom. I felt sad about Cindy's young life and her family. It crushed my heart. I cared about Faith and what she discovered about Cindy's murder. I was saddened when someone from Cindy's family also died, too.

Want to welcome Faith into your life? Grab a copy and enjoy today!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Fade to Black

When Leslie Kelly introduced us to the CAT series, she told us an intricate dark tale of cyber crime and violence in Fade to Black, the first book in the Black Cat series. For Sheriff Stacey Rhodes, when someone turned up missing in her small town, it became big news. As for the CAT team with Dean Taggert, they were after sexual predators online, especially when they saw it online and on tape. Before Stacey knew it, both law enforcements agents collide and work on the same case. For Stacey and Dean, sparks fly between them and get to know each other. Little did they know, that someone was after her and someone was a suspect in Hope Valley, Virginia, who was also the Reaper and set up live auctions on Satan's Playground. When they closed in as a suspect, someone else turned up dead and later, a boy goes missing. Right under her nose, she couldn't believe who was responsible for darkening her small town with a shocking twist in the end.

This was a deep cutthroat romantic suspense. For a small town, for Stacy as a sheriff had a tall order to fill. I did feel sorry for her, when her brother gave her grief and caused her trouble. I think she did pretty well for her small town.  I liked her dad and the Black CAT team as well. I didn't like Randy or her brother. This made me cringe and wince, hold my breath and let it go, and sigh for relief. I liked the setting of Hope Valley, too. Dean Taggert was an interesting character as well, when I did feel bad for him in his marital troubles with his son.

Ready to fight a tough battle? Give this one a try!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Golden Crystal

Get ready for a wild ride across the globe. In Nick Thacker's The Golden Crystal, this story is about three forces who want the same thing: to find this rare special crystal with special powers. A race against time in Egypt, when friends became foes, rivals split up with some deadly consequences, before this crystal disintegrated into dust. Each one wanted them for something special, when there was a big Atlantean connection towards the end. It's nothing more than revenge all in the end. Every step of the way, there's plenty of surprises and action in this fast-paced action-adventure novel.

I loved the fast-paced intense action sequences in this action-adventure. I loved how it would take you across the globe from one place to another. The golden crystal angle was quite interesting and intriguing angle with the Atlantis connection. I loved every single character, except for the bad Russians. I hated to see the professor being killed off. Breathless with non-stop action, this would keep you guessing to the end!

Ready to join a race across time! Download a copy today!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

An Outlaw's Christmas

In An Outlaw's Christmas, the fifteenth book in the McKettrick series, Linda Lael Miller brought two people together during the holiday season in the early 1900s. Piper St. James was a schoolmarm in Blue River, Texas, when Marshal Sawyer McKettrick landed injured with a gunshot wound to his arm in her schoolhouse. During the winter, they've gotten together to know each other right before Christmas. There was a shooter after Sawyer, while Piper tried not to prevent scandal in the small town. To save her reputation, they marry and later discover they were meant for each other and fall in love. What a splendid little tale.

 For a quick read to get you real ready for the holiday spirit, this was a beautiful and charming Western/historical romance. And Blue River, Texas, had a fitting and perfect name for a small Texan town. I loved the pairing of Piper and Sawyer, while he was a bit rough around the edges. He could sure charm the pants of any female. He would make you swoon and sway and melt like butter.  I didn't like the shooter and the mayor's wife, who was a bit of a snob.

Ready for Christmas? Grab a copy today!



In this shocking legal thriller debut by Jilliane Hoffman, she scintillated us in an emotional roller coaster in this first installment of the CJ Townsend thriller series.  If you're a fan of The Silence of the Lambs, you'll enjoy this one by a big comparison. In Retribution, twelve years ago, Chloe Larson was brutally raped by a rapist in a clown mask in New York City. Now she was C.J. Townsend, a prosecutor in Florida, who took the hot seat, when the Cupid murders hit her town. During this turbulent court case, her past caught up to the present for a turnabout of a cat-and-mouse game with her rapist and a killer, who she believed is one person, let alone two people who worked on her fears. While she covered up her secret past, she was all for retribution to raise hell and send them to hell. The Killer was reminiscent of Hannibal Lector in more creepy ways than one.

I loved the compelling storyline of the past and present colliding in Chloe's world. From New York City to Miami, I became enthralled with how Chloe turned her life around, when it was tilted in its axis. I didn't care for much for Michael or the creepy serial Clown Killer either. I rooted for Chloe/C.J. from start to finish. This left me nothing by numbness and the shakes. You'll be fan of C.J. in no time too.

Are you afraid of clowns? If not, give this legal thriller a try right now!