Thursday, June 19, 2014


Embrace yourself for a new kind of thriller. Take part legal thriller and part medical thriller, you get an amazing combination of a fascinating thriller. That's what Pamela Callow did in her Kate Lange series set in Halifax, Nova Scotia. In Damaged, Kate Lange was an associate in a prestigious law firm and stuck with the family law cases with litigation dreams. When she received a case of a missing private school student, she was more than stuck in family drama, but she had issues of her own haunted past as well. From there, she came across a medical mystery on her own with nefarious people and shocking consequences. This thriller will leave you cold to the marrow of her bone.

I loved the setting of Nova Scotia, Canada. I also loved the legal thriller met medical thriller connection in this cross-genre mash-up. It worked both ways. Kate Lange was an interesting female lead. I bet everyone hated being stuck in a rut at work and wanted to more up to finer and better things. Everyone had emotional baggage they wanted to discard and do without it. They were a bunch of numerous bad people here I was revolted by, especially the medical examiner Abigail Keating.  She was beyond creepy like Cruella DeVil. With non-stop action, you can't beat the rush of adrenalin in this book.

Ready for a fast-paced thrill ride? Hop aboard and buckle up with a copy today!


  1. Great review, Kristen. Agreed, a gripping thriller!

  2. Thank you so much for the wonderful review, Kristen -- and for your kind words, Sue! I'm happy you enjoyed DAMAGED.


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