Monday, June 9, 2014

Death by Darjeeling

In Laura Childs's Death by Darjeeling, the first Tea Shop Mysteries cozy series, we were introduced to her and to how she came about owning the tea shop with such delightful tea blends. But Laura Childs also introduced us to her first culinary mystery, when someone died in her tea shop by drinking tea. There was a slew of characters that made for interested suspects and culprits. And the closer the truth Theo and her gang discovered the truth about the culprit, the more someone had threatened her life and her dog, Earl Grey's life came to be in the end with a shocking truth.

 This is a great culinary cozy featuring tea. We learn about tea blends and making tea with a bit of background history. Theodosia Browning was an interesting and amusing character for a captivating reading. I didn't like it on how her pet was endangered by the bad guys.  I liked how Theo and her gang helped her out, including Bethany and Haley, to pull their own weight.  What a fascinated read!

Got tea? Check out this cozy this weekend!

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  1. I have this one on Kindle, it is a must read for me, everything is better with a cup of tea and my blog is Tea Time with Marce. Glad you enjoyed it Kristen


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