Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Body in the Belfry

Village life was something new for Faith Fairchild to experience. From a big city like New York, when she moved to Aleford, Massachusetts with her husband Tom and baby son Benjamin, she didn't expect to be caught up in a mystery to kick things off. In Katherine Hall Page's The Body in the Belfry, the first book in the Faith Fairchild series, that's just what happened to Faith. We get to know about her backstory and what mess she'd gotten herself embroiled into, when she came across the body of Cindy Shepherd and discovered all about her family. She's out to help her fellow friend and neighbors. And when another death in the family occurred, the shocking dawning realization came across to her. Little did she know, she might become the next victim. before it's too late to discover the cold-hearted truth.

This was a great introduction to Faith Fairchild and her young family. This had a cross of culinary and inspirational fiction into one charming cozy. I loved the backdrop of Aleford, Massachusetts. I also loved the backdrop of Faith's life and marriage to Tom. I felt sad about Cindy's young life and her family. It crushed my heart. I cared about Faith and what she discovered about Cindy's murder. I was saddened when someone from Cindy's family also died, too.

Want to welcome Faith into your life? Grab a copy and enjoy today!

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