Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Dead Head

In the third installment of Rosemary Harris's Dirty Business series, Dead Head, Paula Holliday was in way over her head in another mystery of her own. While her business was running slow, she watched one of her friends get arrested. While it shocked the sleepy town of Springfield, Connecticut, she uncovered the truth behind the backstory of that scandal. While she remained uncertain on Mike O'Malley's feelings for her, she ran into some nefarious characters as possible suspects, while she fended for herself to get to the truth. Another dirty little mystery for this surprising cozy.

This was another delightful gardening mystery with a lot of built in suspense. I enjoyed the fun bantering between Paula and Mike.  I really did feel bad for Caroline aka Monika's past and her family issues.  Those backstory flashback pages was a good touch. But I was glad it could be sorted out in the end. Intrigued from the first couple of pages, you'll be reading this in one setting. I didn't like the people who wanted to harm her and do her in as well.

Ready to dig for clues in a tons of dirt? Grab a copy of this book today!

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