Friday, June 6, 2014

Fade to Black

When Leslie Kelly introduced us to the CAT series, she told us an intricate dark tale of cyber crime and violence in Fade to Black, the first book in the Black Cat series. For Sheriff Stacey Rhodes, when someone turned up missing in her small town, it became big news. As for the CAT team with Dean Taggert, they were after sexual predators online, especially when they saw it online and on tape. Before Stacey knew it, both law enforcements agents collide and work on the same case. For Stacey and Dean, sparks fly between them and get to know each other. Little did they know, that someone was after her and someone was a suspect in Hope Valley, Virginia, who was also the Reaper and set up live auctions on Satan's Playground. When they closed in as a suspect, someone else turned up dead and later, a boy goes missing. Right under her nose, she couldn't believe who was responsible for darkening her small town with a shocking twist in the end.

This was a deep cutthroat romantic suspense. For a small town, for Stacy as a sheriff had a tall order to fill. I did feel sorry for her, when her brother gave her grief and caused her trouble. I think she did pretty well for her small town.  I liked her dad and the Black CAT team as well. I didn't like Randy or her brother. This made me cringe and wince, hold my breath and let it go, and sigh for relief. I liked the setting of Hope Valley, too. Dean Taggert was an interesting character as well, when I did feel bad for him in his marital troubles with his son.

Ready to fight a tough battle? Give this one a try!

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