Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dead Man Talking

In the 5th installment of the Pepper Martin series, Dead Man Talking, Casey Daniels brought on a new challenge to her female lead character. Her newest client is a former prison warden who gave her a new kind of case--finding out who framed him, instead of who killed him. Pepper's ready to bring it on, while she also dealt with a local reality show for a cemetery restoration project for her cemetery. People would do anything to win, if it was against the law and bribery. Instead of working with the Historical Society ladies, she wound up working with prisoners of a community service program. Not only that, things are getting hot between her and Quinn. Things got complicated and place her in danger, when she gets closer to the truth to clear the warden's name. What a thrill ride.

I loved the spin in this paranormal cozy tale, when he wanted to wrong a right. I also loved the reality show competition between the Historical Society and a prison gang doing community service for a local access show. It had a clever spin to add here with a twist. We could see Pepper double duty and was torn for her feelings for Quinn.  I loved the cemetery scenes with the reality show and also in prison as well. This one made me hold my breath and so much more.

Ready to brave a paranormal cozy? Give this one a glance!

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