Monday, November 29, 2010

Rain Storm

If you loved a great action-adventure/spy/thriller, you'll enjoy the John Rain series by Barry Eisler. Rain Storm, the third in the series, John is a Japanese asassain, who's being followed by someone. He doesn't trust anyone, not his girlfriend or his co-workers, who probably ratted him out. From Japan to Macau to Hong Kong and the USA, we follow John on his mission to take out his targets and to dangerously fall in love with Delilah, an exotic beauty. Non-stop action for a quick read.

Friday, November 26, 2010


If you love a great mystery, you'll enjoy the 17th installment in Nevada Barr's Anna Pigeon series. In Burn, Anna Pigeon was on leave, and visited a friend in New Orleans, far away from her husband Paul, when someone tossed her dead pigeons. Claire Sullivan was on the run from the law in Seattle, when her house burned down, and accused for starting the fire and killing her husband and two kids. She believed, her kids were her life, and her husband had something to do with it, when his lies beneath the surface. When Anna met Claire, posing as Jordan, both women collided to work together  on a mystery of voodoo and human trafficking into a dark world of how people can be so vile to kids. This is a great read.

This was a startling and shocking read. I did feel bad for Anna, who was away from her new husband, Paul. I also felt a pang for Claire, when her husband sold her own kids and started the fire. How cruel can he be, when Claire took the rap for a weasel like him? I did like the central location of New Orleans for the storyline in this novel. This made me feel numb and cold all over. I was glad that Anna bonded with Claire to help her out and get her children back, though I was worried for both of them dealing with a monster. Great drama, good tense action and intrigue, with plenty of suspense for this mystery all the way.

Check out Burn right away!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Grave Mistake

If you love hot, daring and sexy romantic suspenses, you'll love this new one set in New Orleans by Stella Cameron. Jilly Gable has a lot to going for her. She's in love with her best friend, Guy Gautreaux, who might return to the NOPD. She's also trying to reconnect with her mother, Edith, who abandoned her, when she was a baby, and trying to fit in with her step-father, her half-sister-in-law and her husband. But little did they know, that a cold case murder, new fresh murders, and the attempts on her life and her mom's are all related into one big mystery. Someone wanted to do harm to her, and it's close to her than she thinks. Before she's become another victim, it's up to Guy to find out who and why, before it's too late. What a good read.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Beautiful Lies

If you love a powerful read for a thriller, you'll love this debut novel from Lisa Unger. In Beautiful Lies,  Ridley Jones was a freelance author in New York City, when her life changed in an instant. When she saved a boy from being abducted, someone sent her cryptic notes and old newspaper clippings. She then met Jake, her boyfriend and lover, who had a dark past. She remembered past conversations with her parents and her brother Ace, who was a druggie. When she met Christian Luna, a man claiming to be her father, things changed again. She now became someone's target. It made her question her identity and those to trust, until she got down to the truth, for a journey of no other, when her life shifted once more. What a great start for a new thriller series.

This was a fantastic thriller debut. Non-stop action with a picturesque New York City location for the scenery. Ridley Jones was an interesting character as an author. For her father and Jake, they were both loose cannons.  As for Ace, I didn't like him as much. She dealt with some many things being thrown at her, I bet it was hard for her to keep it all in check. But I cared for her and liked her a lot.  With page-turning suspense, you'll want to read it more and literally couldn't put it down.

Ready to escape in a good thriller? Check this out today!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shadow Zone

This is another great thriller by Iris Johansen and her son, Roy. In Shadow Zone, Hannah Bryson was a marine architect, who discovered some secrets from Marinth, a lost legend like Atlantis. On her way of discovering more mysteries, it had been stolen by Vincent Gadaire, who wanted him for his ill reasons. She ran into someone from her past, Nicholas Kirov. Together, they team up to retrieve the stolen artifacts and go over the world, even to Greece, where Melis Nemid, a returning character from Fatal Tide, wanted it for her museum. Along the way, they ran into ruthless people and made new friends, until they could destroy any evidence of a possible aquatic Armageddon. What a rush!

This was another fantastic thriller by Iris and Roy Johansen. I loved how Melis returned to this novel for a special guest character appearance. I loved the backdrop of the storyline of the search for Atlantic continued in this novel. I thought Nicholas was an interesting character for Hannah to meet. I loved the worldly locations for this novel and the marine theme as well. Though Hannah and Nick had brought some heat, the scenic depictions, the fast-paced action sequences and tons of drama were added for this awesome thriller.

Ready to search for Atlantis? Check this out today!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Black Orchid

If you love a good new romantic suspense author, you'll enjoy Black Orchid. Jordan Quinn is an orchid grower in the Naples area, who's estranged from her husband, when she gets embroiled into the mystery of his disappearance and then death. What makes it hard for her, is her attraction to her former lover, Seth Cypress, a Seminole Indian. When people from the Panther team are killed or attacked, she feared from her life, as her late husband Lawrence might be onto a miracle cure for the lenti-virus on animals. As she gets closer to the truth, she learns a shocking family secret that rocked the world, while she gets back together to Seth and his family. This is an enjoyable read.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Death in Bloodhound Red

I've started to read this series a few years ago and haven't finished the series since. There's one more book left I need to read next year to read the whole series. This is a great mystery featuring Jo Beth Sidden, who's a search and rescue dog handler, who searches for missing people, does drug sweeps, and sniffs out the bad guys. Jo Beth also has troubles of her own with a violent ex-husband and a few people who want her heart, as she runs, breeds and trains her own bloodhounds. If you love a good mystery with dogs, this one is good for you.