Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shadow Zone

This is another great thriller by Iris Johansen and her son, Roy. In Shadow Zone, Hannah Bryson was a marine architect, who discovered some secrets from Marinth, a lost legend like Atlantis. On her way of discovering more mysteries, it had been stolen by Vincent Gadaire, who wanted him for his ill reasons. She ran into someone from her past, Nicholas Kirov. Together, they team up to retrieve the stolen artifacts and go over the world, even to Greece, where Melis Nemid, a returning character from Fatal Tide, wanted it for her museum. Along the way, they ran into ruthless people and made new friends, until they could destroy any evidence of a possible aquatic Armageddon. What a rush!

This was another fantastic thriller by Iris and Roy Johansen. I loved how Melis returned to this novel for a special guest character appearance. I loved the backdrop of the storyline of the search for Atlantic continued in this novel. I thought Nicholas was an interesting character for Hannah to meet. I loved the worldly locations for this novel and the marine theme as well. Though Hannah and Nick had brought some heat, the scenic depictions, the fast-paced action sequences and tons of drama were added for this awesome thriller.

Ready to search for Atlantis? Check this out today!

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