Monday, June 27, 2011

Grime and Punishment

In Jill Churchill's Grime and Punishment, the first installment in the Jane Jeffry cozy series, you would love this quick and easy light read to whip through in one setting. Jane Jeffry was a widow and a mother of three, who was a domestic engineer. When her neighbor Shelley Nowack arranged a neighborhood potluck meeting, the new maid was found dead. And now that had everyone running scared in the neighborhood, when Detective Mel Van Dyne arrived on the scene. Between Jane's meddling mother-in-law and loneliness,  it was now up to Jane and Mel to find out who killed the maid and why, when they dug deeper into her background, and asked their close neighbors on any secrets they were being blackmailed for. One of them startled Jane. But as they had gotten closer closer,  someone wanted them to be hushed, before they were next on their hit list.

This was a great introduction to the Jane Jeffry series. I immediately cared for Jane, while she mourned the loss of her husband, and dealt with handling single motherhood on her own. I liked Mel right from the start and sensed something between them... maybe compassion? I liked the Chicago setting for this series and the fine location in downtown Chicago. This would make you become intrigued and curious on your own by turning every page. Great drama, excellent non-stop action with intrigue, suspense, and lots of mystery.

Will you experience a hint of grime and punishment? If so, check it out this summer!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Watch Me Die

The latest from Erica Spindler is a must read for any season! In Watch Me Die, Mira Gallier, a widow who restored colored glass windows, was living a hard life. During Hurricane Katrina, her husband Jeff was presumed dead from the hurricane, and her in-laws were out for blood. But someone else was after her, targeting people near her, leaving cryptic Biblical messages on the scene, and perhaps making her crazy. When NOPD Spencer Malone and his new partner, Karin Bayle was on the scene, they questioned everyone, including Mira, and her close friend, Connor Scott. One by one, someone was killing people who had a connection to her. And before she knew it, things unravel at the scene, as the deaths piled up. Malone was suspicious of his new partner's behavior, and Mira didn't know who to trust anymore. When it dawned to her, it was too late, before the killer was close to her, someone she knew after all this time.  What a rush!

This was a fantastic thriller that gripped me on the first page.  Very intriguing and suspenseful, I really did feel for Mira and her agony, while she still grieved the loss of her husband Jeff. I didn't like her former in-laws much. I liked how Spencer Malone returned in this novel as a secondary character, when we can feel his concerns on his new partner. I didn't like one of Mira's closest friends who used his vulnerability for his wicked gains. Overall, this is one of the best thrillers ever!

Want to get blown away by an awesome thriller to read! Check out this book today!

South Town

When Will "The Ghost" Stirman escapes from prison, he has revenge on his mind. And he's not escaping alone. For Tres Navarre,  when he learns about the prison break, it scares his partner, Erainya Manos, to death. She has to protect her adoptive son from the past, along with his secrets. With Stirman and his escape├ęs, they wreck havoc in Texas, and eliminates anyone in their way, once they take their separate paths... though it might lead to death. It's up to Navarre to help Manos out, when she's in trouble and kidnapped, along with the truth, while protecting Jem. This is a great mystery and a easy read.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Next to Die

If you love great romantic suspense with a twists, you'll join the Navy Seal Series by Marliss Melton. In Next to Die, Lte. Penny Price is a physical therapist, who has deep feelings for her next-day neighbor, Commander Joe Montgomery. But she wants a family and marriage, when he's just a play boy, who doesn't know how she feels. But when he meets her after saving the war, she helps Joe in more ways than one, by talking and listening, and by taking his heart. Montgomery has some emotional guilty baggage from the war, in which Penny helps him ease the pain. Not only that, both Penny and her sister Ophelia, wants the truth to their father's death. When the killer's killed, someone else wants them dead, when the FBI links them to previous matters. Plus Ophelia finds herself in love with a younger man, a Navy Seal, after a car accident.  What a great story!

Monday, June 20, 2011


If you love great culinary cozies, you'll enjoy Steamed in the Gourmet Girl series by Jessica Conant-Park, daughter of Susan Conant of the Dog Lovers Mystery series.  Meet Chloe Carter. She was a graduate student for social work, just to make her uncle Alan happy, which details was written into his will. Not only that, she was depressed. Her boyfriend/neighbor had cheated on her. Her sister Heather suggested her to go to Back Bay Dates for online dating. When she did it in despair, it was too late. She went on the boring blind date ever with Eric Rafferty, when she witnessed hostility at the restaurant they went to. Later on, Eric winded up dead. Now, it was up to Chloe to figure out who killed him, while she feasted her eyes on Josh, a chef at a rival restaurant, going to school, and figured out massive confusion. When she got closer to the truth, she might end up as the next victim.  Great culinary recipes included!

This was a delightful introduction to the Gourmet Girl series. I found Chloe Carter delightful and inquisitive, while she worked on her social work degree. I liked the backdrop in California, with the bonus of the blind dates. She had been dealt with some tough breaks. I didn't like Eric and adored Josh. Those culinary recipes were a bonus, too.

Don't get steamed! Pick up a copy this weekend!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pandora's Clock

If you love aviation thrillers, this one is for you. When a sick passenger might be infected by a strain on board a Boenig 747, it causes chaos across the world. With one sick passenger, there's worries about it might be a dread virus, affecting everyone it touches by air. And that causes James Holland, pilot of Quantum 66, concerns, when he's denied to land on other countries from Iceland to Spain. Meanwhile, someone from the CIA has a hatched plan to shoot down the plane, blaming Aqbah, a terrorist organization, when it's up to one Russian pilot to take him down. With love in the air between some passengers on board, it's nothing by chaos on those on board and on ground, esp. when Rusty Sanders discovers the plot and tries to foil their plans, when the plane is shot down, looking for a plane of safety, when the virus hasn't affected everyone.. or did they? A great read for everyone to enjoy!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Touch the Dark

 If you love paranormal romances with a twist, you'll enjoy Karen Chance's Cassandra Palmer series. In Touch the Dark, Cassie's a clairvoyant who has a doomsday obit, a warning of sorts. As she tried to avoid the Senate, they want her for a task, due to her powers. As Cassie resists, she's swirled into a world of talking ghosts, fairies, and vampires and weres, when there's a hit on her. They want her to become the next Pythia. But there's a twist to it, that she won't like. Meanwhile, she couldn't resist Mircea, an ancient Romanian vampire, who owns her, protects her, and wants her for his own, one way or another, before she goes into hiding. If you love fantasy, you'll join this series. It has a hint of time travel and history too.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Secrets to the Grave

In Tami Hoag's Secrets to the Grave, the second installment in the Oak Knolls trilogy series, it happened one-and-a-half years later after the See-No-Evil murder, when the police found a dead woman with her crying baby girl. Now it was up to the police and Vince Leone to protect the little girl, while they figured out more about Marissa Fordham's murder and her mysterious background. The deeper they dig, the most confusing they wind up solving this baffling mystery. Meanwhile, Anne Navarre Leone was the only person who visited Dennis Farman, who was a juvenile menace to society, and wanted a family of her own, when she became attached to the little girl. But for both Anne and Vince, danger loomed near them, when their lives were on the line, especially when Gina Kemmer wound up missing and almost dead. What a rush!

This was another enjoyable thriller in the Oak Knolls trilogy series. I did continue to love the timeline and the location of Oak Knolls, California. I did care about Marissa's baby and for Anne and Vince as well.  I loved the angle of the FBI and the 1980s, when forensics weren't too far advanced back then. I also cared a little bit about Dennis Farman as well, when he was still hurting from the deceit in his family. Great drama, tons of thrilling action and suspense, and an intricate intriguing mystery as well.

Ready to dig deeper? Pick up a copy today!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cooking Up Murder

If you love a great culinary cozy, you'll love Cooking Up Murder by Miranda Bliss. It has romance, drama, and plenty of intrigue... not to mention great recipes. Annie Capshaw is recently divorced and can't cook. When her best friend Eve signs them up for cooking class, it changed their life. First, they witness an argument and a murder. Now it's up to them to figure out who done, even if it's one of their cooking classmates. When they believe it's Beyla, they go after her, until more dead bodies turn up, and someone's on their heels. Not only that, Annie falls in love with Jim McDonald, their hunky Scottish cooking instructor, when the tables are turned on Annie and Eve.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Mark

If you love heart-stopping thrillers, you'll enjoy The Mark by Jason Pinter--the first  installment in the Henry Parker series. Henry Parker had the perfect life--a loving girlfriend, a dream job working for the New York Gazette as a reporter, and his own apartment.  Things change, when his idol Jack O'Donnell asked him to help him out with an assignment. So he took it on to interview former convict, Luis Guzman, who was very nervous. Things didn't add up. When he returned to his apartment, things turned for the worse, when he helped the Guzmans and ended up injured. The next thing he knew, he was on the run from the law, since they thought he killed a cop. And it was now up to him to find out the truth, before a hired assassin and the FBI catch up to him, and turn up loose on him. What a rush!

This was a fantastic thriller debut. I did feel bad for the Guzmans and did care about Henry and his relationship with Mya. I did smell a potential set-up for sure. I hated to see Henry become trapped into a scheme of things, especially when it dealt with a hint of police corruption. I loved NYC for the central location for this series. This would leave you breathless and exhausted, when you're done reading this book. Good drama, great action and plenty of suspense on every turned page.

Are you the mark? If not, pick up a copy today!