Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Mark

If you love heart-stopping thrillers, you'll enjoy The Mark by Jason Pinter--the first  installment in the Henry Parker series. Henry Parker had the perfect life--a loving girlfriend, a dream job working for the New York Gazette as a reporter, and his own apartment.  Things change, when his idol Jack O'Donnell asked him to help him out with an assignment. So he took it on to interview former convict, Luis Guzman, who was very nervous. Things didn't add up. When he returned to his apartment, things turned for the worse, when he helped the Guzmans and ended up injured. The next thing he knew, he was on the run from the law, since they thought he killed a cop. And it was now up to him to find out the truth, before a hired assassin and the FBI catch up to him, and turn up loose on him. What a rush!

This was a fantastic thriller debut. I did feel bad for the Guzmans and did care about Henry and his relationship with Mya. I did smell a potential set-up for sure. I hated to see Henry become trapped into a scheme of things, especially when it dealt with a hint of police corruption. I loved NYC for the central location for this series. This would leave you breathless and exhausted, when you're done reading this book. Good drama, great action and plenty of suspense on every turned page.

Are you the mark? If not, pick up a copy today!

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