Saturday, January 31, 2015

Dead Light District

In the 2nd installment of Jill Edmondson's Sasha Jackson mystery series, Dead Light District, Sasha took on a most difficult case. It all started out as a missing persons case, when Sasha searched for Mary Carmen, who worked at Candace Curtis's bordello. From there, it took a nasty turn there, when Mary wanted to leave Canada and head back home to Mexico. She left a bloody path in her wake. Besides almost being hit by a car and two people attacked on the case, it might be connected. That's when Sasha went undercover as a hooker to look for leads to get caught up with her. And when she died, she ended up fighting for her life to solve the case. Plus Sasha also scored a date with her new boyfriend Derek. 

This was a charming new mystery series for me to read. I cared about Sasha and her friends. I also felt the same way for Candace. I pitied Mary Carmen who killed two people who got her in her way. I didn't like her too much. I loved the Canadian locations in this series from one town to another. This had bits of humor like a chick lit novel and plenty of charm like a cozy mystery combined. This would make you take a deep breath and let it go in the end.

Will you go undercover in the dead light district? Give it a try today!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

It Must Be Love

In Rachel Gibson's contemporary romance novel, It Must Be Love, it told us a story about two people who were meant to be together. Detective Joe Shanahan came from a big Irish family and wasn't looking for love. When he went undercover for the Coeur d'Alene's PD's Property Crime Division, he came across Gabrielle Breedlove, who worked at the store Anomaly with her business partner, Kevin Carter. They first met at accident, but then he needed her to bring her partner down as his confident informant. Between of two of them, sparks soon to fly, when they fall in love, and got to know each other better. When the big operation went down, they needed time to declare their feelings for each other and love each other forever.

This was a delightful contemporary romance from Rachel Gibson. I did begin to care about Gabrielle and Joe, and their families, when fate and love brought them together. I didn't like what Kevin did to Gabrielle, when they worked together as Joe stuck to his guns. I loved how it was set in Boise and Coeur d'Alene Idaho for the settings of this romance novel. This would make you love and cry and root for Joe and Gabrielle, too. Great drama, nice non-stop action and romance, and plenty of intrigue to give them a happy ending.

Will you give It Must Be Love a try? Pick it up today!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Criminal Confections

In the first installment of Colette London's Chocolate Whisperer Mystery cozy series, Criminal Confections, we were introduced to Hayden Mundy Moore, a chocolate whisperer in the world of chocolate-making. When she was a consultant for the Le Maitre Chocolate retreat convention in San Francisco. But not everything's so sweet for Hayden's experience. First her first close friend, Adrienne, was poisoned by something in her drink. Then one of the chocolate company's rivals was accidentally killed and fell off the cliff. Now it was up to Hayden to find out what was going on in the company, when she learned secrets and lies and vicious rumors. She needed her friend Danny as her bodyguard and advice from her boss Travis on the phone. The closer to the truth she had gotten on who was the killer, the more attempts were made on her life. This was a new delicious new culinary cozy that featured chocolate recipes, a real delectable treat.

This was a fun new culinary cozy series to enjoy. I cared about Hayden and her chocolate whisperer title. I love that title for this series as well. We learned a whole lot about the chocolate-making world for candy and for desserts in general. I loved the chocolate retreat in San Francisco for the location of this scenery. I also cared about the Le Maitres and loved her sexy talk with her boss, Travis, on the phone. Great drama, excellent suspense and action with plenty of chocolate-loving mystery to keep you hooked right up to the end.

Do you have a criminal confection? If so, dig in with a copy real soon!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Special review: Intern from August 2008

In this stellar stand-alone thriller novel from Bonnie Hearn Hill, Intern, this story was similar in nature and ripped from the news headlines. April Wayne was a 23-year old young woman who interned for the senator and had it all, when she had a promise of love from a married man and threw it all away. Later when she disappeared, the senator became the main suspect. This story was two from two POVs, April's mother Gloria, and the senator's wife Suzanne. Gloria would do anything to find and save her daughter, while Suzanne would learn the shocking truth of her husband and might not stand by her man.

This was a gripping stand-alone thriller, when it dealt with the deadly gamble of love, murder and politics. I did care about April and Gloria, not so much the senator and his wife Suzanne. I prayed for her safe return and unharmed. I loved the political theme to match wits with the California location.  This would make you cringe and cry a couple of times. Great drama, good action and suspense with plenty of thrilling intrigue and mystery along the way.

Will you be the next to intern? If so, pick up a copy today!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Special review: Cutline from January 2009

In the 2nd installment of the Geri LaRue thriller series by Bonnie Hearn Hill, Cutline, Geri La Rue returned in this thriller to solve another thrilling crime. When her fellow colleague and friend, Leta Blackburn, was missing, it was up to Geri to look for clues to find her. She would've been covering this sensational story about a priest and his sexual activities at the time of his murder. But a ruthless colleague tells Geri she knows more than she does admit. That's when she goes to see Malcolm Piercy, a psychologist, to help her get into the mind of a female serial killer who leads her victims on and believes her victims are in love with her. While he kept his theory a secret, he agreed to help Geri out, while a killer was watching for them.  She wanted to write one more cutline, before she became the next victim of the Razor Killer.

Although I didn't read the first installment, If it Bleeds, and skipped it, I hope to read the beginning of Geri's story someday. This was another gripping storyline dealing in the journalistic world. I did care about Geri, since she was someone different, someone we can look up and admire, since she was hearing impaired. I did become circumspect on Malcolm and his true intentions with her, though it lead to a blooming relationship. I did like the San Francisco setting for the location of this thriller. This one left me with chills and shivers up and down my spine. Great drama, excellent intense suspense and non-stop action, and a gripping thrilling mystery to the end.

Will you finish the cutline? If so, grab a copy today!

Special review: To Die For from October 2008

In the first installment of Linda Howard's Blair Mallory series, To Die For, we were introduced to Blair Mallory in this two-part romantic suspense series.  Blair Mallory was pretty, confident, and a successful owner of a fitness center. But a troubled club member had a strange fixation on Blair and imitated her style, until Blair witnessed the horror of her being shot. When the media speculated about the homicide, that's when she locked horns with Police Lieutenant Wyatt Bloodsworth. He wanted to lead the investigation without interference, but Blair wanted to search for clues on her own. But when Blair received menacing threats, Wyatt took notice and did anything to protect Blair from the killer.

This was a gripping romantic suspense. I did care about Blair and became worried, when someone imitated her and then later threatened her. I did suspect that the sparks would fly between Blair and Wyatt at some point.  I did like the fitness center theme and the small town location for this series as well. This would leave you speechless and shake your head in maddening disbelief, too. Great drama, good suspense, and plenty of non-stop action with hints of romance through and through.

Check this out today!

Friday, January 23, 2015

I Can See You

In the 10th installment of Karen Rose's romantic suspense series, I Can See You, she turned up the heat in this fantastic romantic suspense. For Eve Wilson, she had been scarred for life from what Rob Winters did to her, six years ago. She was still afraid from him. But while she worked on her psychology study into Shadowland, a virtual reality role playing game online, things become complicated, when a couple of her test subjects ended up killed by a mad man known as the Red Dress Killer. For Noah Webster, a member of the Minnesota Police Department's Hat Squad, someone was after him with cold-blooded revenge. But when he required Eve's help as a CI into the murders, the feelings towards each other were mutual, while he was still haunted by the deaths of his wife and unborn son.  For both of them, they both had to dodge their stalkers and fight to survive and be together.

This was another fantastic romantic suspense from Karen Rose.  I really cared for both Eve and Noah, who both were haunted from the ghosts of their past. But I really was glad for them to get together, when the sparks were flying between them. Carleton Pierce was a real sicko. But I'm glad she had her friends with her and her own little "family". I loved the St. Paul, Minnesota location for the entire series.  This would leave you numb and shocked speechless from start to finish. Great drama, excellent non-stop action with sparking romance, and great tons of intrigue to keep you in suspense.

Will you check this out today?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Off the Record

In the third installment of the Geri La Rue series from Bonnie Hearn Hill, Off the Record, Geri returned in the conclusion of this trilogy that was filled with lots of surprised.  Geri was outraged, when she lost out on landing the "Off the Record" column for her newspaper. Later, she learned she inherited an apple nursery from Kathleen Fowler, right after she was thrown off the cliff. For Geri, she followed the trail of clues and on who wanted her dead, leaving dead people in her wake. In return, she then discovered it had something to do with her past to face the killer, before she became next in line.

In this thriller trilogy, I really did care about Geri. She was different and something admirable about her, since she was raised in a foster care system and was hearing impaired. She wasn't like her ordinary heroine, but she was more than an underdog. I felt the same way for her, when I read Cutline, a couple of years ago. This was a superb thriller, when someday I hope to read the first book in the series. I loved the California backdrop including the apple orchard. I took pity on Kathleen and thought Jesse was okay. Great drama, plenty of suspense and intrigue, and lots of action to carry us straight to the end.

Ready for Off the Record? Give this one a try!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Alpine Betrayal

In the second installment of Mary Daheim's Emma Lord cozy series, Alpine Betrayal, Emma Lord returned to solve another crime in her small town of Alpine Washington. When Dani Marsh returned to Alpine to shoot a film, it stirred up a lot of trouble and controversy. When her ex-husband, Cody Graff, ended up dead, it was up to Emma to find out who did it and why, while she maintained contact with Tom Cavanaugh, her son's biological father, to be in touch with her son Adam over in Alaska. The closer to the truth she ended up, the more she uncovered the truth of her father and other secrets came up to light, before this case could be considered closed.

This was another enjoyable Emma Lord cozy. I did care about Emma and her son Adam, and their relationship with Tom. I also liked the people at the newspaper. I didn't like Dani so much, or her mother, too. I did like the small town concept of Alpine, Washington to set the scenery.  This made me think a lot on whodunit and so would you. I liked the way it was wrapped up in the end. Good dramatic action, lots of tension and intrigue for this mystery.

Are you ready for a betrayal in Alpine?  Grab a copy today!


Sunday, January 18, 2015

Last Writes

In the 2nd installment of the Jaine Austen Mystery cozy series by Laura Levine, Last Writes, Jaine Austen returned in another caper of a mystery. This time, we found Jaine working for a sitcom in Los Angeles as a screenwriter, when everyone wants to hand her their own storyline. With her best friend Kandi, things aren't what they seemed. When one of the stars of the show was canceled, the people suspect Kandi. It was now up to Jaine to help out her best friend and found out who've done, when everyone had a reason to do him in. And the closer Jaine had gotten to the truth of who and why, she almost became clobbered by a kleig light. When she figured it out, there was a shocking twist to the ending, too.

This was another great cozy mystery from Laura Levine. I love the whole Hollywood persona and life behind the scenes in Hollywood. I did feel bad for Jaine and Kandi, and for poor Wells for awhile. I did become concerned on Kandi and Jaine for sure and sorry for the cancellation of the show. I did love the whole bit with Jane and her parents emailing each other. It was always a hoot.  I love the Hollywood for the location for this mystery.  This gave me some thrills and chills at the same time. Great drama, good action and intrigue, and plenty of suspense, too.

Do you have your own last writes? If so, pick up a copy today!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Killing Floor

In the first installment of Lee Child's Jack Reacher thriller series, Killing Floor, it made a stellar thriller debut. This was the book that started it all and made it a real huge success. We were introduced to Jack Reacher, who had caught up into a helluva mess, when he was first arrested in small town Margrave, Georgia, while searching for a musician named Blind Blake. He was just the wrong man at the wrong time at the wrong place, when he came across a line of dead men. From there, he learned about his brother's Joe's death, and the big line of police and governmental corruption. In order to save his life and others, he would do anything to put an end to the killing madness, whatever it takes. There's an explosive ending you don't want to miss.

This was a great thriller introduction to Jack Reacher.  Throughout this debut, I did get to know more about Jack and his life and cared for him big time. He ended up in a helluva hot mess for sure, when one thing lead to another. I loved the concept of using a small town for Margrave, Georgia for the location setting. Though some of the scenes were a bit graphic in nature and violent for the killing scenes, even right up to the ending, too. When you read this, this would take you an adrenalin rush. Great action, plenty of non-stop drama on every page, and plenty of suspense and intrigue to keep you guessing, right of the end.

Watch out for the killing floor! Pick up a copy tonight!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Killer Smile

In the 9th installment of Lisa Scottoline's Rosato & Associates legal thriller series, Killer Smile, Mary DeNunzio ended up in her toughest case yet. While she prepared to take a deposition for one of her latest cases for the firm, she wound up embroiled in a complicated and complex investigation for her latest case for Amadeo Brandolini's estate. First, she dealt with a harasser on the phone, while she looked into the probe of Amadeo's life, which lead her back to the 1940s, during World War II. And friends and family tried to fix her up with blind dates, when she'd gotten herself into a bind or two. She learned a lot about his life before his death, which was ruled by a "suicide by strangulation." The more she dug herself into it, while it might've bordered on obsession, the more she wound herself in peril from Montana to back to Philly. When the truth came out, it had disturbed more than a hornet's nest, while she won victory in the end.

This was another terrific legal thriller from Lisa Scottoline. I loved the historical fiction twist, when Mary had gotten involved into the case and dug deeper into Amadeo's life. I did care about Mary and Judy and Keisha, who'd gotten herself hurt in more ways than one. I also felt bad for Amadeo who was betrayed by his so-called friend Giovanni Saracone. I didn't like his son Justin one bit. I loved the dual locations of Philly and Montana for this novel. This had terrific plot twists at every end, ones you wouldn't see coming for miles and miles. Great drama, plenty of excellent action, and lots of intense suspense right to the end.

Do you have a killer smile? Check it out today!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

As the Crow Flies

In the first installment of the DI Nick Dixon series by Damien Boyd, As the Crow Flies, you'll be taken into an excellent thriller series debut. When DI Nick Dixon learned about his former climbing partner's death in Somerset England, he decided to investigate it firsthand, if it was an accident, murder or suicide, while he also worked on an empty home robbery case, too. As a former rock climber, he looked into Jake Fayter's life and interviewed people that were close to him. The closer he'd gotten closer to the truth of his former friend's life, the more shocked he learned whodunit in the end and what really happened behind it. Rock climbing could be a dangerous blood sport.

This was a real excellent thriller debut by English author Damien Boyd. I loved the cover, the rock-climbing theme to match the title as well. I did loved Nick's determination and climb up the law enforcement lawyer. I did feel bad for the Fayters, the Williams and for Sarah. I didn't like Gorman, too much. But I liked Jane with Nick a tiny bit. I loved learning about the rock climbing information and all about the sport. I loved the English locations all over the storyline. This would suck you in and take you for a wild ride. Excellent drama, terrific suspense, and fantastic action with a great mystery built in, too.

Are you ready to climb that wall? If so, get ready to enjoy this novel real soon!

Special review: Prior Bad Acts from October 2008

In the 3rd installment of Tami Hoag's Kovac/Liska thriller series, Prior Bad Acts, this duo went out to solve another disturbing case.  Everyone agreed that convincting Carl Dahl was a start, when he committed the crime of killing the Haas family. Only Judge Carey Moore stood in the way and put her in grave danger.  When someone attacked her in a parking lot, that's when Kovac and Liska were on the scene to protect her from further harm, when no one wanted to be on this disturbing case. But when Dahl disappeared from custody, everything went out control. Then the judge was kidnapped, when reopened the case and searched for new clues to the true killer of that grisly murder to serve justice.

This was another terrific Tami Hoag thriller in the Kovac/Liska series. This was so gripping and disturbing, you couldn't put it down. I did care about the Haas family members, for Kovac and Liska and for Judge Moore. I totally thought Dahl was disturbing as hell, too. I loved the Minnesota location in the twin cities. This would leave you speechless with chills in the end. Great drama, terrific suspense, and lots of intrigue and action to the end.

Do you have any prior bad acts? Check out these thriller right away!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A is for Alibi from November 2010

  If you love fun and quick cozy reads, you'll enjoy this series. In Sue Grafton's A is for Alibi, the first installment of the Kinsey Millhone series, Kinsey Millhone was a PI, who was hired by Nikki Fife, after she'd been released from prison for doing time on killing her husband. To prove her innocence, she hired Kinsey to find out who did it. Every step she took, she had gotten closer to the truth from Fife's family and co-workers. One by one, new leads brought her closer to danger and to a new dead body or two. Even her potential love interest showed some doubts to Kinsey, while she ended up fighting for her life. A quick and fun read.

This was an enjoyable alphabetical cozy mystery to read from A to Z. I did care about Nikki Fife and about Kinsey Millhone. To clear her name and prove her innocence, that was a big and bold step from her to do. I didn't want to get Kinsey hurt, when I was getting to know her. I did like the location of St. Theresa California for the debut of this series, too. This would take you in for a quick read to read in one setting. Great read, quick action and plenty of dramatic action for a nice climaxing finish.

Do you have an alibi? If you do, pick up a copy today!

Monday, January 5, 2015

A Stolen Season from November 1998

In the 7th installment of Steve Hamilton's Alex McKnight Mystery/Thriller series, A Stolen Season, Alex returned in another gripping mystery. During a cold night during the 4th of July celebration in Paradise, Michigan, an antique wooden boat ran full speed into the old railroad pilings of the shallow waters of Waishkey Bay. While he was on rescue mission, he discovered the story was far from over, when he saved three men, they were connected to his girlfriend Natalie's undercover mission in Canada for a drug-smuggling operation. Now he would have to do some damage control for both sides of the border and protect Natalie from danger.

This was another terrific storyline in the series. I loved how it connected back to Natalie, when there was an interconnecting subplot to it. I loved how he cared about Natalie and Vince and saved people, when they weren't so innocent after all. Looks could be deceiving for sure. I loved the dual locations of Canada and Paradise, Michigan, during the summer season. This would make you hold your breath and release it after a while. Great drama, terrific storyline plot, fantastic action and mystery and suspense to tie up loose ends and link both stories into one.

Come on and check out a Stolen Season this week!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Cold Day in Paradise

In the first installment of Steve Hamilton's Alex McKnight series, A Cold Day in Paradise, you would be introduced to Alex's world. Seventeen years ago, he was a Detroit policeman who lost his partner and was shot three times with one bullet still in his chest. He put away a psycho maniac named Maxillian Rose. Now he was called in for help from his best friend, Edwin Fulton, when he was stuck with his gambling issues and was caught up in a crime scene. From there, it went to hell in a hand basket, when another book maker was found dead and someone stalked him who drove him crazy. When he found out that his best friend was "dead", he couldn't believe the set up and who was behind it in Paradise, Michigan.

This was another gripping serial thriller. I loved gotten to know more about Alex and his anguish of fear. I did feel bad for him in more ways than one. I didn't like Sylvia that much, the same for Uttley and Prudell. They were both slime and rats in my opinion. I loved the central location of Michigan and the town of Paradise, even during the winter time. This left me feeling cold and numb all over with chills down my spine. Great drama, plenty of suspense and intrigue, and lots of mystery all around to the end.

Ready to spend a cold day in Paradise (Michigan)? If so, warm up with this thriller today!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Special review: Deadly Errors from March 2009

In Allen Wyler's Deadly Errors, one of his finest medical thrillers, he would enthrall and thrill you for sure. For Dr. Tyler Matthews, a brain surgeon, who worked at Seattle's Maynard Medical Hospital, he discovered a computerized glitch in the electronic medical records system. With his own investigation into a couple of patients death, he would risk his life to follow the trail on who was behind it. While the doctors and the nurses started to correct the drug and treatment errors, he believed that something was wrong behind it. And as he started to ask questions and voice his concerns about it to the hospital's management, he was stonewalled, developed skepticism, and received threats about  going forward about it.

This was an intense and insane gripping medical thriller. I did care about Tyler and the hospital's patients. I believed it was a little too late for the cover-up. I did love how he took charge of the situation and faced it dead on, too. I loved the central Seattle location and the main focus on the hospital, too. I didn't like it, when the patients had to die, due to a computer glitch. Great drama, excellent medical suspense and plenty of non-stop action, that would take you to the edge of your seat to the climax.

Ready to stop deadly errors? Give this medical thriller a try, today!

Thursday, January 1, 2015


 In Jane Austen's classic tale of historical romance, Emma, this became a classic household favorite for many years. We were introduced to Emma Woodhouse, a rich and perhaps spoiled young woman, when she interfered in people's lives by playing matchmaker, including to her close friend, Harriet Smith. No matter how it worked with her comedic attempts, she'd gotten closer to her own personal match, Mr. John Knightley, and married him in the end.

Whether you've read (or reread it, since I originally read this in March 2000), this classic historical romance is a favorite amongst others. And many film versions of this classic novel had did it justice. I did care about Emma and Harriet, when all of Emma's matchmaking attempts. But I did become happy, when everyone found their own soul mate, including Emma with Mr. Knightley, who made a lovely couple too. I loved the historical Regency period for the storyline. This made me want to sigh and fall in love with my own Mr. Knightley, too. Great drama, awesome romance, and plenty of suspense from start to end.

If you haven't read Emma lately, I suggest you should start today!

Nancy Drew and the Secret of the Old Clock

In Carolyn Keene's Nancy Drew and the Secret of the Old Clock, the first installment of the Nancy Drew series, this classic YA mystery was a favorite of the young and the old. In this story, Nancy Drew helped out with her father on solving his first case. When a will from Josiah Crowley came into question, he left his inheritance to the Tophams. It made her wonder, if there was a later will. It was up to Nancy to find the will and thwart thieves to set things right to the rightful heirs.

The Nancy Drew series in both versions throughout the years have been a favorite of mine for all time. I really enjoyed reliving the series for a second time around. I did care about Nancy Drew, the Turners, the Hoovers, and the other heirs. I didn't like the Tophams one bit. I did like the central California locations like the Moon Lake camp that Nancy went through. This made me feel nostalgic and put a smile on my face. Good classic mystery with a hint of drama and intrigue with non-stop heart-pounding action.

Ready to relive a classic? Check it out to read or reread today!

Rescuing Olivia

In Julie Compton's Rescuing Olivia, she told us a harrowing tale about love between two people. When Olivia and Anders had a mysterious bike accident, it sent both of them to the ER. Olivia ended up in a coma and strangely disappeared and later didn't remember him. It was now up to Anders to find her, before it was too late. People acted strange to him and lied to him, while he flash backed to when he met her and the events that led to the crash. From Florida, it sent him to Connecticut and down to Africa, when he caught up to her in a life-and-death battle. Anders would do anything to rescue her and bring her home. In the end, he went to be with her at her new home.

This was a beautiful romantic suspense about two people who were destined to be each other. I did care for Anders, Lenny and Olivia. I loved how the story was set up with the flashbacks. I loved how it took him around the world to find her. I loved the scenery in the Africa scenes. I didn't like Brent or her father or Crystal no less. This made me want to cry and sigh through and through. Great drama, plenty of suspense and intrigue, and lots of great non-stop action.

Ready to help Anders rescue Olivia? Pick up a copy today!