Monday, October 29, 2012

In Plain Sight

In CJ Box's In Plain Sight, the 6th installment of the Joe Picket thriller series, this one is another fantastic thriller.  When Joe Pickett was on his newest case to find the wealthy matriach Opal Scarlett, things took a turn on a dime. We saw how much he loved his family and would do anything to protect them. As a game warden, he protected the land in Wyoming and defended the law. But when someone was out the blood for him, it took a dangerous turn for the worst with some violent pranks. We watched how it  really affected him, his career and his family, when he wondered if it had anything to do with this case or his own dark past. And sometimes, he had done it in his own terms. Beautiful scenery in Wyoming for a great thriller to read.

This was another action-packed thriller from start to finish. I continued to care about Joe and his family, while he worked on a precarious missing persons case. I loved the vast Wyoming settings and locations for this novel, even in fictional Saddlestring with the mountains. Joe Pickett became a man of his word to do anything in his power to make things right. This would pull you in for a wild horse ride with non-stop action, drama, intrigue and plenty of mystery.

Will you find what you're looking for in plain sight? If so, give it a go today!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Summer at Willow Lake

This is a beautiful contemporary romance series that tugs your heart strings. This series is about family and memories of the past with some hidden secrets. We meet Olivia "Lolly" Bellamy and Connor Davis, who met each other for the first time at summer camp at Camp Kioga. This romance is so moving about transformations, reminiscent of Danielle Steel's Big Girl, and others like it. You really feel for Olivia and Connor, who've crossed each other's paths in the past, and reunited back again. This made  me cry and sigh, and smile and laugh. Maybe you can't forget about your first love, who may be your true love. A wonderful romance novel.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Past Perfect

Although it took me a while to finish this book after a couple of nights I ran out of steam to read it, it's a good read. I classify it with woman's fiction with a slice of drama for a genre. Katie Schottland is a former spy and investigates why she was dismissed for no reason. We see how committed she is to her TV show, her family, and her determined to find out the truth. We go on the same journey as she does, which takes her across the country and back to tie up those loose ends. There's a hint of action to this too. It does connect to the title in a way.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Three to Get Deadly

If you love a great mystery series with some good drama and oodles of humor, you'll love Three to Get Deadly. It's been a year or so, since I read the first two books in the series. Once again, we watch Stephanie get into trouble on a new case, and bump into her ex-boyfriend, Morelli. Once again, we root for Stephanie get out of a pickle and pull out of the stops. This will make you laugh out loud for a quick read, smile, and watch Stephanie's world unravel in New Jersey. You can just gobble up each book in the series for fast reads in one setting. This is enjoyable. I really cringed and panicked, when Stephanie encountered dangerous trouble.  She's no ordinary heroine, when she saves the day.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Burden of Proof

This is another great and fantastic legal thriller. This one deals with Sandy Stern. This one deals with tons of surprises and some trips down to Memory Lane with flashback, right after his wife commits suicide. But from there, he deals with an emotional load of stuff with his children and his client/brother-in-law in an embittered battle. But with every twist and turns, he discovers some family secrets behind the scenes. We really see the emotions he goes through from grieving to outraged through the end. We do see a different side of him than before. This one will really grab you on the first page and shock you. Not bad for the 2nd Kindle County installment in the series.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

For My Lady's Heart

If you love timeless and classic historical romance novels, you'll love For My Lady's Heart.  She introduces you to Ruck, a green knight, and Princess Melanthe, a mystical woman, who won each other's hearts. But this one really pulls at your heart-strings since the first one, since they had many struggles to find each other. This one makes you root for Ruck and have a love/hate relationship with Princess Melanthe, on what she did to Ruck. You'll also cry and transported to Medieval times from the jousts, the plague, and the evil in the world.  This one made me gasp at each shocking twist. I can't wait for her to write more great stuff in the future. I highly recommend it!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Storn Prey

If you love good mysteries with plenty of twists and turns, this is a great series for you. This also carries some medical thriller suspense in it too. We're introduced to Lucas Davenport and his wife Weather. Set in a wintry Minnesota,there's a lot of action-packed suspense and a good crime from the get-go to get your heart racing on every page to turn. From the hook to the ending, we see how Weather and Lucas interact with the people in their circles and with each other. Opposites do attract for them in a way. Plenty of surprises you didn't see coming. This is a great read.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Invasion of Privacy

Perri O'Shaughnessy's Invasion of Privacy was the second installment in the Nina Reilly series. This was one of the best legal thrillers so far. When Nina represented a civil case, things changed on a dime for her, when her client hated her guts for a reason. And then her past reared its ugly head in this case, when we learned what happened to her in the past and how her family was affected by it. It was really an emotional roller coaster ride that had thrown her for a loop. Old secrets and past wounds came up in her personal life, and a shocking twist or two surprised us all in the end. You really get involved and see what happened in Nina's world and inside her psyche.

This was an awesome nail-biting legal thriller. This dealt with Nina's personal life on the level.  We really do care for her and for her son as well. I hated to see her put through some torment by an aggressor. I do like the Lake Tahoe location between Nevada and California. I did feel bad for Paul, who wanted to be more than Nina's friend and colleague with her legal cases. This had plenty of action-packed scenes that you didn't see coming.

Ready to protect your home life? Get a copy today!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Tempting the Beast

I have to admit, that I took an adventure reading this novel. I'm a big fan of paranormal romance. But I haven't read erotica/romantica before. I have to admit to it, that I thought it was all right. I've made it through. But we're introduced to Merinus Tyler, who's investigating Callan Lyons, part human/part lion, due to a bad genetic DNA experiment. But when he counters Merinus, a female human who's investigating his mother's death, the chemistry is more than primitive and after a first taste  of each other, their hormones bring out the call of the wild for a "mating frenzy." We see how they feel in this sexual and erotic journey to find each other and how they feel about each other and their families with some background history. This hooked me in wild curiosity. I might read more somewhere down the road in the future.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hell Hath No Curry

If you love enjoyable cozies to read, this one's right for you. It came with Amish-Mennonite recipes too for your own pleasure too. In the 15th installment, Magdalena's got a full plate with planning her wedding to Gabe, and as mayor of Hernia. There's been a couple of new changes in Hernia, when she's on a case of another murder in her inn and there's more than one suspect out there. We're welcomed into her Mennonite world and her feelings of marrying Gabe, who's Jewish, and how there's a couple of obstacles in the way. But we see how close she is to her sister and cousins and her foster daughter. There's some twists and turns and some humor into this cozy to keep you into suspense.  We see the world around her from her own eyes and our own eyes too. This is a quick read to give you laughs. You'll root for Magdalena for sure, when she's close to danger once again.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Prime Witness

If you love legal thrillers, this one is a good one for you. There was a lot of drama, action and suspense in this one. We were really involved with Paul Madriani's world in and out of the court room in the second installment of the series, Prime Witness. We can really see him keep his emotions in check and keep it all together.  There was non-stop shocking surprises to keep you guessing, right to the twist you didn't see coming in the end. When six murders rocked a college town, it was up to Paul in the DA's office to find the killer and stop this case from falling apart at all angles. Even death threats to his wife and daughter and other obstacles were tossed along the way. Great legal drama to hook you to the end.

This had a fantastic storyline twist from start to finish with non-stop dramatic action. Again, I love the focus between Paul and his family in central California. I loved how it affected them from outside the courtroom to his own home. This one was really disturbing with some of the gruesome scenes of the college students. This one sent me shivers down the spine. It kept on getting better and better from the first page to the ending.

Ready to find a witness? Go out and grab a copy today!