Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Prime Witness

If you love legal thrillers, this one is a good one for you. There was a lot of drama, action and suspense in this one. We were really involved with Paul Madriani's world in and out of the court room in the second installment of the series, Prime Witness. We can really see him keep his emotions in check and keep it all together.  There was non-stop shocking surprises to keep you guessing, right to the twist you didn't see coming in the end. When six murders rocked a college town, it was up to Paul in the DA's office to find the killer and stop this case from falling apart at all angles. Even death threats to his wife and daughter and other obstacles were tossed along the way. Great legal drama to hook you to the end.

This had a fantastic storyline twist from start to finish with non-stop dramatic action. Again, I love the focus between Paul and his family in central California. I loved how it affected them from outside the courtroom to his own home. This one was really disturbing with some of the gruesome scenes of the college students. This one sent me shivers down the spine. It kept on getting better and better from the first page to the ending.

Ready to find a witness? Go out and grab a copy today!

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