Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hell Hath No Curry

If you love enjoyable cozies to read, this one's right for you. It came with Amish-Mennonite recipes too for your own pleasure too. In the 15th installment, Magdalena's got a full plate with planning her wedding to Gabe, and as mayor of Hernia. There's been a couple of new changes in Hernia, when she's on a case of another murder in her inn and there's more than one suspect out there. We're welcomed into her Mennonite world and her feelings of marrying Gabe, who's Jewish, and how there's a couple of obstacles in the way. But we see how close she is to her sister and cousins and her foster daughter. There's some twists and turns and some humor into this cozy to keep you into suspense.  We see the world around her from her own eyes and our own eyes too. This is a quick read to give you laughs. You'll root for Magdalena for sure, when she's close to danger once again.

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