Thursday, March 31, 2016

His Darling Bride

 In Anna De Stefano's His Darling Bride, the 3rd installment in the Echoes of the Heart contemporary romance novella series, this novel would warm your heart with another love story of the Dixon family. For Bethany Darling, she was an artist that had gotten lost in her art and needed to find her way to her family. She struggled with her feelings and dealt with a lot of heartache. When she returned home for her sister's wedding and after her father's heart attack, she never knew she was needed where she belonged and wanted the most. For Mike Taylor, he was just a drifter who came into her small town and rocked her world. He came from a prestigious wealthy family from New York and developed his own secret immunity with a special talent. When they came together as a couple under unusual circumstances, they've learned to feel things they never felt before and loved each other as a whole to find their way to each other.

This was another beautiful installment in the Echoes of the Heart contemporary romance series. I cared for Bethany and how she made something of her own and found her way to fight for what she wanted the most. I loved Mike on how he cared for people and did something to honor his brother's memory the right way. But the way they came together as a couple and made something together was magical in this love story. I liked the dual locations of New York City and the charming Chandlerville. This is a story you would fall in love with each member of the Dixon family with their own sweet story to cherish and adore, too.  This has romance, drama, a bit of action and a hint of suspense.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Her Fierce Warrior

In Paige Tyler's Her Fierce Warrior, the 4th installment in the X-Ops paranormal/romantic suspense novel series, she would take you right for a wild ride. For Angelo Rios, this rescue mission in Tajikistan was more than ordinary. That's when he met Minka, a Tajik human who had been injected with a shifter/hybrid blend with primitive animal traits. When he brought her back, she learned how to tame the inner "beast" inside her and trusted Angelo and the others in the DCO Special Forces. She befriends them and was scared of her new self, when she falls for Angelo bad with a fresh relationship on love and wild sex. When they returned back to the place where it started, she controlled the rage inside of her and dealt with battling the scientists who captured her as a caged animal. In the end, they found their way each other with love and the warrior they came out to be back home.

This was an interesting novel with a cross-genre of paranormal romance and romantic suspense. I loved the diversity of the character with Minka, a Tajiki female, and Angelo, a Hispanic Special Forces Officer. And I loved the twist of a shifter relationship between the hybrid females and the humans. I loved the vast locations of Tajikistan and also in Washington D.C., USA with vivid descriptive scenic settings to make you a part of that world. I cared for Minka and for Angelo at the same time, who both were dealt with some tough blows to get through. I loved how she befriended Ivy and Layla and how she controlled her emotions. This would make you fall in love with this new breed of characters in the series from start to finish with romance, high stakes drama, tension and plenty of non-stop action.

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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Maid of Murder

In Amanda Flower's Maid of Murder, the first installment in the India Hayes cozy series, you'll be hooked into India's world. Always a bridesmaid and never a bride, that's when happened to India, when she couldn't say no to her childhood best friend's Olivia's wedding. First it started with the god-awful bridesmaid dress, and her brother Mark who had a crush and a broken heart from her, when she lived in Stripling, Ohio. But things become more ghastly complicated, when Olivia winded up at the local college's water fountain and later turned up dead. All eyes turned to her brother Mark as a suspect. It was up to India, the college's librarian, to butt heads with her older sister's ex-boyfriend Detective Mains who were on the case, and to figure out who framed her and who the real culprit was. To make things worse, her best friend Bobby had gotten tangled up into this mess as well, when he was attracted to Bree Butler, Olivia's maid of honor. The closer India learned the truth behind the accident, the more imperiled her life would be in the end.

This was a real good debut from Amanda Flower in the cozy mystery series. I liked the fictional town of Stripling, Ohio, which is near where I live in the Akron suburban area. It was the ideal setting for this cozy's location with interesting landmarks to make the town your own. I cared for India and felt sorry for Mark to get picked on and blamed by Olivia's family. I couldn't stand Bree one bit. As for Rick, I think he might have feelings for India. This would captivate you and take you into a surprising new world of drama, intrigue, mystery and plenty of non-stop action.

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Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Protected

In Shiloh Walker's The Protected, the 4th installment in the FBI Psychics romantic suspense series, this would blow your mind and take you out of this world. For FBI Agent Vaughnne McMeans, she was no ordinary agent on special assignment. She was placed in charge of Alex and Gus from bad people. Little did she know, that Alex's father went after them to bring them back home to Mexico. But she didn't expect to fall into a trap by someone close to her on her team and fall in love with Gustavo, either. The chemistry between them was explosive and smoldering hot, the same temperature raised the danger level. The closer they get together, they both had dark secrets to reveal about the past. And in the end, they fought the evil that lurked after them and came together with a new fresh start for them.

This was a fantastic romantic suspense with a hint of paranormal and the supernatural. I loved the dual locations of Florida and Mexico with fabulous settings that centered around the plot. I cared about Vaughnne and had she dealt with his assignment and how her family treated her, because she was a tad "different." I cared for Alex and Gus who were something special themselves. I thought Gus and Vaughnne made an interesting couple no less. This would take you on a wild ride from start to finish with tons of drama, intrigue, red-hot romance, and a lot of action along the way.

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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Concrete Desert

In Jon Talton's Concrete Desert, the 1st installment in the David Mapstone mystery series, you'll be intrigued with his storytelling. For David Mapstone, a former history professor who returned back to his hometown in Phoenix to work as a deputy for the sheriff's office. While he researched old unsolved mysteries, specifically the cold case of Rebecca Stokes's murder from the 1950s, he dug into the background of the last days of her life. Meanwhile, his former high school sweetheart Julie breezed into his life to help her finding her sister, Phaedra. Little did they know, that he'd been involved into a twisted copycat-like murder and dealt with hard core politics and a drug connection between the two cases. In the end, his life remained on the line, when the bitter truth became of whodunit and why and what it all boiled down to with a shocking twist.

This was a terrific mystery set in the hottest days of an Arizona summer. I cared about David Mapstone and how he worked with Peralta. I wasn't certain about Julie and was disgusted with her in the end. It had plenty of fast-paced non-stop action, drama, intrigue and suspense for this mystery debut. I loved the Arizonian locations of Phoenix and the desert settings to show how humid and dry the crime scene were. This would grip you into a thrill ride from page to page with lots of guessing right to the end.

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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Murder Buys a T-shirt

In Christy Fifield's Murder Buys a T-shirt, the first installment in the Haunted Souvenir Shop Cozy Mystery series, this debut had a bit of humor and plenty of drama to keep you hooked. For Glory Martine, she inherited her late great-uncle's souvenir shop in Florida and had a lot on his hands. When they came across the news about a local high school football star's car crash, they believed it was an accident. But Glory thought otherwise. Who wanted to do him in? His boss? A member of his team? Or someone else? As the local community bonded together in his memory, his team played for him and supported him. But with his great-uncle's spirit haunted her shop and through his parrot Bluebeard to tell her who's bad, she had gotten closer to the truth of whodunit, while she has her eyes set on Jake Robinson, her neighbor who owns a bookshop and a mystery past of his own.

This was a delightful new paranormal cozy to read. This was a charming cozy which had all the elements of paranormal with an enchanting light ghost story. I though the Keyhole Park community was delightful for a small town who came together in the lights of tragedy. I thought Glory was a doll with her best friend Karen and Bluebeard, the parrot, was a riot. There's a bit of light humor courtesy from that parrot. I thought the killer was a bit cold-blooded and callous at the same time. This would grip you in for a wild ride with drama, intrigue, suspense, and non-stop action. As a bonus, there's recipes in the back of the book to cook, too!

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Friday, March 11, 2016

Stark Warning

In James Raven's Stark Warning, this thriller will send you chills and thrills all over. For Detective Sam Quinn, he worked in the Celebrity Crime Unit. It all started with vile threats were sent to Jessica Lee, a trash talk show host on TV, to cancel her show. And the body count began to pile up in the streets of London. For this widower, he also had a gambling habit he can't kick and a loan shark breathing down his neck. But the chemistry between Jessica and Sam were impalpable, as they closed in on possible suspects who continued to track down the killer and the victims connected to Jessica's talk show. In this fast-paced thriller, this would keep you guessing on every page from start to finish, when the culprit will shock you in the end.

This psychological thriller you shouldn't read alone in the dark. So you should leave the light on at night. I cared about Sam's gambling problems and the chemistry he had with Jessica. I did feel sorry for her. I thought the killer was sick and twisted on what he did in the story. I loved the London scenery from start to finish that would leave you breathless and the edge of your seat. This has fast-paced action, drama, suspense and intrigue all the way to the end.

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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Try Not to Breathe

In Holly Seddon's debut thriller, Try Not to Breathe, this thriller would make you want to turn every page to the very end. Fifteen years ago, someone left Amy Stevenson for dead. Now it was up for freelance journalist to find justice for Amy, who's left brain dead and in a coma at a local hospital. For Alex, she visited Amy and learn the truth about her family and friends. The closer she got to the truth the more she relies on her ex Matt, and to help her kick her drinking habits. She almost lost everything and now she has to make a clean break for it. When she befriends Jacob Arlington, Amy's high school boyfriend, she needs help to find out more about her, including what was her big "Secret." One by one, she ruled the people closest to her out and discovered who it was in the shocking twist of the end.

This was an excellent storyline for British author, Holly Seddon. With non-stop action and thrilling drama, this would leave you at the edge of the seat. Set in London, I cared about Amy and Alex and what really happened to her, then and now. I worried about Alex's alcoholism and she had Jacob and Matt as her friends. With flashback sequences from 1995 to the present, we get to see the side of their story from start to finish with heart-pounding drama, great suspense and intrigue, and lots of mystery.

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