Saturday, March 12, 2016

Murder Buys a T-shirt

In Christy Fifield's Murder Buys a T-shirt, the first installment in the Haunted Souvenir Shop Cozy Mystery series, this debut had a bit of humor and plenty of drama to keep you hooked. For Glory Martine, she inherited her late great-uncle's souvenir shop in Florida and had a lot on his hands. When they came across the news about a local high school football star's car crash, they believed it was an accident. But Glory thought otherwise. Who wanted to do him in? His boss? A member of his team? Or someone else? As the local community bonded together in his memory, his team played for him and supported him. But with his great-uncle's spirit haunted her shop and through his parrot Bluebeard to tell her who's bad, she had gotten closer to the truth of whodunit, while she has her eyes set on Jake Robinson, her neighbor who owns a bookshop and a mystery past of his own.

This was a delightful new paranormal cozy to read. This was a charming cozy which had all the elements of paranormal with an enchanting light ghost story. I though the Keyhole Park community was delightful for a small town who came together in the lights of tragedy. I thought Glory was a doll with her best friend Karen and Bluebeard, the parrot, was a riot. There's a bit of light humor courtesy from that parrot. I thought the killer was a bit cold-blooded and callous at the same time. This would grip you in for a wild ride with drama, intrigue, suspense, and non-stop action. As a bonus, there's recipes in the back of the book to cook, too!

Will you check out Murder Buys a T-shirt today?

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