Friday, March 11, 2016

Stark Warning

In James Raven's Stark Warning, this thriller will send you chills and thrills all over. For Detective Sam Quinn, he worked in the Celebrity Crime Unit. It all started with vile threats were sent to Jessica Lee, a trash talk show host on TV, to cancel her show. And the body count began to pile up in the streets of London. For this widower, he also had a gambling habit he can't kick and a loan shark breathing down his neck. But the chemistry between Jessica and Sam were impalpable, as they closed in on possible suspects who continued to track down the killer and the victims connected to Jessica's talk show. In this fast-paced thriller, this would keep you guessing on every page from start to finish, when the culprit will shock you in the end.

This psychological thriller you shouldn't read alone in the dark. So you should leave the light on at night. I cared about Sam's gambling problems and the chemistry he had with Jessica. I did feel sorry for her. I thought the killer was sick and twisted on what he did in the story. I loved the London scenery from start to finish that would leave you breathless and the edge of your seat. This has fast-paced action, drama, suspense and intrigue all the way to the end.

Will you be wary for the next stark warning? Check it out today!

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