Sunday, March 6, 2016

Try Not to Breathe

In Holly Seddon's debut thriller, Try Not to Breathe, this thriller would make you want to turn every page to the very end. Fifteen years ago, someone left Amy Stevenson for dead. Now it was up for freelance journalist to find justice for Amy, who's left brain dead and in a coma at a local hospital. For Alex, she visited Amy and learn the truth about her family and friends. The closer she got to the truth the more she relies on her ex Matt, and to help her kick her drinking habits. She almost lost everything and now she has to make a clean break for it. When she befriends Jacob Arlington, Amy's high school boyfriend, she needs help to find out more about her, including what was her big "Secret." One by one, she ruled the people closest to her out and discovered who it was in the shocking twist of the end.

This was an excellent storyline for British author, Holly Seddon. With non-stop action and thrilling drama, this would leave you at the edge of the seat. Set in London, I cared about Amy and Alex and what really happened to her, then and now. I worried about Alex's alcoholism and she had Jacob and Matt as her friends. With flashback sequences from 1995 to the present, we get to see the side of their story from start to finish with heart-pounding drama, great suspense and intrigue, and lots of mystery.

Will you check out Try Not to Breathe today? It's out now!

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