Sunday, March 27, 2016

Maid of Murder

In Amanda Flower's Maid of Murder, the first installment in the India Hayes cozy series, you'll be hooked into India's world. Always a bridesmaid and never a bride, that's when happened to India, when she couldn't say no to her childhood best friend's Olivia's wedding. First it started with the god-awful bridesmaid dress, and her brother Mark who had a crush and a broken heart from her, when she lived in Stripling, Ohio. But things become more ghastly complicated, when Olivia winded up at the local college's water fountain and later turned up dead. All eyes turned to her brother Mark as a suspect. It was up to India, the college's librarian, to butt heads with her older sister's ex-boyfriend Detective Mains who were on the case, and to figure out who framed her and who the real culprit was. To make things worse, her best friend Bobby had gotten tangled up into this mess as well, when he was attracted to Bree Butler, Olivia's maid of honor. The closer India learned the truth behind the accident, the more imperiled her life would be in the end.

This was a real good debut from Amanda Flower in the cozy mystery series. I liked the fictional town of Stripling, Ohio, which is near where I live in the Akron suburban area. It was the ideal setting for this cozy's location with interesting landmarks to make the town your own. I cared for India and felt sorry for Mark to get picked on and blamed by Olivia's family. I couldn't stand Bree one bit. As for Rick, I think he might have feelings for India. This would captivate you and take you into a surprising new world of drama, intrigue, mystery and plenty of non-stop action.

Will you give Maid of Murder a try?

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