Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Bone Collector

In Jeffrey Deaver's The Bone Collector, the first installment in the Lincoln Rhyme thriller series, don't read this novel in the dark. We're introduced to Lincoln Rhyme, a quadriplegic with ALS, and a former cop, he helped the NYPD track a twisted serial killer with a sick craving of bone. He kidnapped victims and then kills them slowly. It was up to Rhyme, who wants to end his life and die, and Amelia Sachs, a rookie cop assigned to CSU, to work together and discover who wanted to place blame on the NYPD. When Rhyme figured it out, he had a close call of his own, when there as a bombing in the UN building with a surprising twist in the end.

If you haven't seen the movie, the print version was a great thriller to read anytime. I cared about Amelia and Lincoln, when we've gotten to know the both of them in this thriller debut. We've cared about Amelia's heartbreak and novice experience as a NYPD cop and Lincoln's fight with ALS and wanting to die, while he helped solve this grisly crime. I loved the NYC location and central settings in this novel. This would make you shudder and cringe for the gruesome scenes and sigh for relief, when they've made some clean breaks. Great drama, excellent suspense and intrigue with non-stop action and plenty of mystery from start to finish.

Will you stop the bone collector? If so, grab this copy and bring a flashlight!

Monday, March 30, 2015

All Shots

In Susan Conant's All Shots, the 18th installment of the Dog Lover's Mystery series, Holly Winter was in for wild ride. While her husband was away on vacation, it all started with a missing dog and a dead body. It was up to Holly Winter to discover that they were two other Holly Winters were in Cambridge, and one of them had her identity and stolen her mail. That's when the other Holly decided to do some investigating of her own, when it came to identity theft and dog-napping of a sort.  The closer she realized she was onto something, the truth unraveled before her eyes and came closer to her own end.

This was a phenomenal cozy mystery that packed a lot of suspense into one great novel. I cared about Holly Winter and was concerned about the other one. I did feel bad for Mellie, when she was caught up into this own mess as well. I didn't like Calvin and Grant and was worried for Streak for sure. I loved the Cambridge location and the dog breeding settings from the dog show to Holly's home. Great drama, excellent suspense and intrigue and lots of great non-stop action.

Will you pick up a copy of All Shots today? If so, give it a go!

Sunday, March 29, 2015


In Jesse Kellerman's mystery debut, Sunstroke, he told  us a gripping tale about secrets and lies of the worst kind. For Gloria Mendez, she was a single 36-year old woman, who had her hopes and dreams set on her boss, Carl Perriera. But when she received a strange phone call from him after an earthquake, she set out to find out about his disappearance in a small ghost town in Mexico. From there, she met the Mexican police and was told he died in an accident. Back and forth, she tried to handle his estate, when she was gotten more twists and turns about who her former boss was, and who tried to take advantage of. It was up to Gloria to find out the whole story and take matters in her own hands for justice.

This was a fantastic mystery debut. I really cared about Gloria and really got to know her via her flashbacks to when she lived with her brother and mother. I liked Reggie, too, and thought of the characters were a bit rough around the edges. I loved the dual locations of Mexico and Los Angeles for the scenic settings in this novel. This would make you care about her and root for her through the end. This was really a nail-biting gripping mystery. Great drama, terrific non-stop action and heart-pounding suspense and intrigue to the shocking climax.

Will you be exposed to the sunstroke? If so, pick up a copy today!

Signature Kill

In David Levien's Signature Kill, the 4th installment in the Frank Behr thriller series, Frank returned on a most devastating and heart-breaking case that might cost him his family. When he investigated a disappearance of a missing prostitute, he didn't know what to expect. With his boss breathing down his neck, his relationship with his son and his girlfriend became more in jeopardy.He required the help of a profile he became attracted to, while he became more obsessive to track down his killer. The closer he learned the truth and discovered the identity of the killer, he track him down and took matter of his own hands, before he killed again, and tied up loose ends, when it was over.

This was a fantastic thriller that would really grip you and pull you in for a wild ride. I cared about Frank, Susan and Trevor. I thought Mistretta was an interesting character, while I despised Prilo and Adler for sure. I loved the Indianapolis settings and locations from start to finish. This made me ponder about a criminal's motives and their signature kills. Some scenes make me a bit queasy and sick to my stomach, due to the gruesome nature to it. Excellent drama and non-stop action, great intrigue and suspense from start to finish.

Will you uncover the killer's signature kill, too?

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Hunter

In Monica McCarty's The Hunter, the 7th installment in the Highland Guard historical romance series, she told us a tale of great adventure and romance. For Janet, a nun posing as Sister Genna, she's on the run from the king, while the war in Scotland was on for freedom. That's when the king, Robert Bruce, sent Ewen Lamont, who was known as the Hunter to go and find her. Little did they know, sparks fly between them, when she was betrothed to another, as he chased her to bring her back home. With so many obstacles in the way, they defeated the odds to be together in love and marriage.

This was a beautiful historical romance for the Highland Guard series. I cared about Ewen and Janet and how they chased each other to find true romance. I loved the settings of the Scottish war for Freedom, during the Highland era of the Renaissance. It was a perfect location for the series. This was a captivating read and had drawn me in from the start. I loved getting to know Ewen and Janet in this romance. Great drama, excellent non-stop action and intense heated romance with intrigue and mystery.

Will you fall in love with the Hunter? If so, check it out today!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Paradise Valley

In Dale Cramer's Paradise Valley, the first installment of the Daughters of Caleb Bender series, we follow the adventures of Caleb Bender and his family. The Benders were an Amish family in Ohio, who didn't want to send their children to school. When Caleb's wife was sick, he decided to send his family down to Mexico to learn a new life and discover new families there. From there, we watched Rachel fall in love with Jake, and Emma and Mary give birth, when they built their own Amish-Mexican settlement there. We also saw Miriam fall in love of Domingo, a Mexican who helped them with bandits and other misadventures in Mexico. This was an inspiring love story that dealt with the faith of God and his ways.

This was an excellent historical/inspirational romance, which was based on true events. I cared about the Bender family, when they went to Mexico and experienced love, adventure and childbirth about there. Talk about the adventures of the heart. I loved the Ohio and Mexico dual locations for the settings in this inspirational fiction novel. This would make you sigh and take a deep breath and weep with joy and cry for heartache at the same time. Great drama, excellent adventure with plenty of suspense and romance to keep you enthralled.

Will you sojourn to Paradise Valley, too?

Monday, March 16, 2015


In Fern Michaels's Serendipity, she told us a heart-warming story about love and finding your own destiny. During the 1950s in Philadelphia, Marjory "Jory" Ryan returned back to her Chestnut Hill family home after her father died from her self-exile in Florida, after her failed marriage and miscarriage. From there, she made herself a home and didn't want to get involved with her soon-to-be ex-in-laws' crossfire. There, she dealt with her own independent life of being an owner of four loving dogs, an advice columnist, and then got caught in a love triangle between her ex and his best friend, especially when she'd gotten hit by a car. That's where she didn't know about her own feelings and decided to make a name of her own by befriending her ex-mother-in-law and running a magazine, until fate handed her own destiny for her to take for her own in the end.

This was  beautiful historical romance set in the 1950s. I cared about Jory Ryan and the people she interacted with. I loved the  Chestnut Hill area of Pennsylvania for the backdrop of the location and the scenery for this lovely story. I loved her interaction and love for the dogs, too. This made me cry, sigh, tug on my heartstrings, and smile in the end of this powerful romance. And you would too. Great drama, plenty of non-stop action and intrigue with sparks of romance, too.

Would you find your own serendipity, too?

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Rolling Thunder

In Mark Berent's Rolling Thunder, the first installment in the Wings of War series, he recounted from his own point of view from what happened in the front lines during the Vietnam War. I first thought it was a historical fiction story and later learned it was nonfiction, since I rarely read nonfiction, especially that's military/war-based. But this was an excellent on what happened from both sides of the war for the Americans who flew over Vietnam in the planes and what happened to them who were killed in action. This had something for everybody with historical romance, historical fiction, and plenty of action-adventure. Although some of the military jargon got in the way by reading, but it made it accurate and true to form for Mark Berent's real life story of fighting overseas for our country. If anyone loves a compelling story for nonfiction fans, this series is the one for you.

If you love nonfiction novels that takes place during the war, give Rolling Thunder a try tonight!

Friday, March 13, 2015

The Blood Gospel

In James Rollins's and Rebecca Cantrell's The Blood Gospel, the first installment in the Order of the Sanguines series, they both take us to a thrilling adventure from start to finish. For a trio of investigators, Erin Granger, an archeologist, Jordan Stone, a military forensic expert, and Father Rhun Korza, a Vatican priest, were sent on a journey to find the ancient and historic blood gospel bible. It all started with an earthquake in the Masada and took them to an adventure from Israel to Italy and even to the afterlife, while they've encountered many obstacles in the way, while Erin and Jordan fall in love. They would have to fake their deaths to discover where it was hidden and come out of it alive witn the Blood Gospel intact.

This was an excellent thriller. This has a hodgepodge in this thriller: action adventure, horror, urban fantasy, romance and historical romance. It had something for everybody in this thriller, too. I cared for Erin and Jordan and a little bit for Rhun. I loved the location in Italy and Israel and even into the afterlife and a bit of a time warp to race against time. It took me on an adventurous thrill ride. This would leave you breathless and shaking in the end. Excellent drama, fantastic non-stop action with plenty of thrills, chills, suspense and intrigue along the way.

Will you discover the Blood Gospel? If so, hold onto your hats and buckle up for a wild ride!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

City of Fear

In David Hewson's City of Fear, the 8th installment of the City of Fear, Nic Costa and his crew at the Questura tackle their toughest case yet. It all started with the abduction of a politician and escalated to his murder from there. For Nic and his fellow policemen, they believe they were up against the Blue Demon terrorist cult group that resurfaced from twenty years ago and now targeted on politicians and didn't want anyone to stand in their way. The closer to the truth to what laid beyond their evil plans, they undergone scrutiny from the Italian government and their peers, when it became personal for them--when one was of their own was killed. They would stop to nothing to end the terrorism in their country. 

This was one fantastic mystery thriller from David Hewson. I cared about Nic Costa and the Questera crew in this series. I loved how they tackled corrupt politics and terrorism in one action-packed mystery. I loved the Italian background settings and scenery for the location. It made me want to be there in the action. I didn't like the Blue Demon cult members or the dirty politicians. This would make you heart pound and blow your mind with a lot of explosive thrills on every page.

Would you want to tour the city of fear? If so, grab one as a guide today!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Swan Dive

In Kendel Lynn's Swan Dive, the third installment in the Elliott Lisbon Cozy Mystery series, she told us a cold mystery that took place during Christmas time. It was opening night at the Ballantyne Foundation's Nutcracker, when Elliott discovered the dead body of the Sugar Plum Fairy, Lexie Allen. This shocked the production, when the show did go on without her. It was now up to Elliot to discover how she was poisoned and why, when she dug into Lexie's past and unearthed the shocking truth, before it was too late for her. She also dealt with a love triangle of her own between her former flame and her best friend.

This was a gripping new cozy series for me to read. I did care about Elliott, Nick, Matty, and for poor Lexie. I love the location of this small island town in South Carolina for Sea Pine Island. It sounded so picturesque to set the series there for the setting. I loved the Christmas mystery theme for this one, too. There was so many shocking twists that you didn't see coming for miles, not until the end. That left me breathless and feeling cold. Great drama, good non-stop action with plenty of twists and turns with a hint of romance and suspense to the end.

Check out Swan Dive this weekend!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Special Review; High Crimes and Misdemeanors from January 2009

In Diana Killian's High Rhymes and Misdemeanors, the first book in the Poetic Verse cozy mystery series, she introduced us to a poetic cozy with tons of mystery and humor. When Grace Hollister visited her favorite poets' haunts in London, she stumbled across the body of Peter Fox in the stream.  After she saved his life, two thugs pursued her for the geegaws Peter hid on him. But they both soon discovered they had something in common with Lord Byron, when Peter's dark past was revealed, his life of vice and Grace's love of verse might lead them straight to the caper who might have something to hide before he was found out.

This was a delightful and charming cozy series that featured London and English poetry. I cared about Grace and Peter, and wondered if something more would come between them. I loved the English background of the location and settings to make it perfect for the cozy series. I loved the poetic references to it and the love of poetry as well. This gave me a chuckle or two. Great drama, good intense non-stop action and plenty of intrigue along the way.

Check out this cozy today!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Corpse Pose

In Diana Killian's Corpse Pose, the first installment in the Mantra for Murder cozy series, we were introduced into the world of Yoga and Pilates. When freelancer Anna Jolie "A.J." Alexander received the call of her Aunt Diantha being murdered in her own yoga studio, she was taken into a brand new world. While she searched for the possible motive for the suspect, she learned the ins and outs of yoga and the studio, too. She ran into some nasty people and had a possible love interest with Jake Oberlin. The closer she dug into the truth of her aunt's life, the closer she learned who done it and why, before it might be too late for her and her mother.

This was an intriguing new cozy series from Diana Killian. Since I'm new to Yoga and Pilates as well, this was just my cup of tea. I cared about Elysia and AJ and Andy and Jake, too, but some people I didn't stand like Lily and Jennifer. I was uncertain about the Batzes. This was scintillating and mind-boggling as well. Great drama, real good non-stop action with tons of intrigue and suspense right to the end.

Will you give yoga and Corpse Pose a try? Pick it up today!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Special review: Consigned to Death from October 2008

In Jane Cleland's Consigned to Death, the first Josie Prescott Antique cozy mystery in the series, we were introduced to Josie Prescott and her love of antiques. After a price-fixing scandal at her NY auction house, Josie started her life in New Hampshire to restore her reputation. As an antiques dealer, she knew about assessing antiques and was about to land her first big account. But when the owner was found stabbed to death, Josie became the prime suspect in the crime. Now everyone's eyes were on her, when the local police chef might be in love with her. Now it was a matter of time to prove her innocence to clear her name, or fall into the hands of the killer.

This was a gripping introduction to Josie Prescott in the antique mystery series. I cared about Josie and her new life in New Hampshire. I became intrigued with her love of antiquing and the business of antique collectibles. I loved the New Hampshire scenery for the settings and location of the series. This hooked me from the start and made me want to real more. Good drama, great non-stop action with plenty of suspense and intrigue to keep us guessing.

Don't be consigned to death! Pick up a copy for yourself today!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Special Review: Forbidden from October 2008

In Suzanne Brockmann's Forbidden, the first installment in the Bartlett Brothers romantic suspense series, she beautifully told us a love story with an awkward love triangle story twist. When Kayla Grey traveled from Boston to Montana, the last place she expected to be was huddled up in the middle of a snowstorm. And the last person she expected to rescue her, Cal Bartlett, was the very person she wanted to see, the brother of the man she wanted to marry. But she didn't know that, until it was too late, after they kissed and when she felt a desire like no other before. But how could Cal handle the news, that his brother could be alive, when she asked him to come with her on a dangerous journey to find him, which was based from a stranger's rumor, when he experienced a longing for her than before between wanting Kayla and losing his brother once again.

This was a fabulous romantic suspense, when it dealt with matters from the heart. I really cared for Kayla, Cal, and even for his presumed dead brother. Talk about an awkward love triangle for sure. I loved the Montana snowstorm with having winter as the backdrop for the location and the settings.  This pulled on my heartstrings and made me cry a few tears. This was a powerful read for sure. Great drama, good strong tension and non-stop action, and plenty of romance and intrigue on every breath-taking page turn.

Will you be tempted by a forbidden love? If so, give this one a try today!