Friday, March 6, 2015

Corpse Pose

In Diana Killian's Corpse Pose, the first installment in the Mantra for Murder cozy series, we were introduced into the world of Yoga and Pilates. When freelancer Anna Jolie "A.J." Alexander received the call of her Aunt Diantha being murdered in her own yoga studio, she was taken into a brand new world. While she searched for the possible motive for the suspect, she learned the ins and outs of yoga and the studio, too. She ran into some nasty people and had a possible love interest with Jake Oberlin. The closer she dug into the truth of her aunt's life, the closer she learned who done it and why, before it might be too late for her and her mother.

This was an intriguing new cozy series from Diana Killian. Since I'm new to Yoga and Pilates as well, this was just my cup of tea. I cared about Elysia and AJ and Andy and Jake, too, but some people I didn't stand like Lily and Jennifer. I was uncertain about the Batzes. This was scintillating and mind-boggling as well. Great drama, real good non-stop action with tons of intrigue and suspense right to the end.

Will you give yoga and Corpse Pose a try? Pick it up today!

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