Monday, March 2, 2015

Special Review: Forbidden from October 2008

In Suzanne Brockmann's Forbidden, the first installment in the Bartlett Brothers romantic suspense series, she beautifully told us a love story with an awkward love triangle story twist. When Kayla Grey traveled from Boston to Montana, the last place she expected to be was huddled up in the middle of a snowstorm. And the last person she expected to rescue her, Cal Bartlett, was the very person she wanted to see, the brother of the man she wanted to marry. But she didn't know that, until it was too late, after they kissed and when she felt a desire like no other before. But how could Cal handle the news, that his brother could be alive, when she asked him to come with her on a dangerous journey to find him, which was based from a stranger's rumor, when he experienced a longing for her than before between wanting Kayla and losing his brother once again.

This was a fabulous romantic suspense, when it dealt with matters from the heart. I really cared for Kayla, Cal, and even for his presumed dead brother. Talk about an awkward love triangle for sure. I loved the Montana snowstorm with having winter as the backdrop for the location and the settings.  This pulled on my heartstrings and made me cry a few tears. This was a powerful read for sure. Great drama, good strong tension and non-stop action, and plenty of romance and intrigue on every breath-taking page turn.

Will you be tempted by a forbidden love? If so, give this one a try today!

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