Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Paradise Valley

In Dale Cramer's Paradise Valley, the first installment of the Daughters of Caleb Bender series, we follow the adventures of Caleb Bender and his family. The Benders were an Amish family in Ohio, who didn't want to send their children to school. When Caleb's wife was sick, he decided to send his family down to Mexico to learn a new life and discover new families there. From there, we watched Rachel fall in love with Jake, and Emma and Mary give birth, when they built their own Amish-Mexican settlement there. We also saw Miriam fall in love of Domingo, a Mexican who helped them with bandits and other misadventures in Mexico. This was an inspiring love story that dealt with the faith of God and his ways.

This was an excellent historical/inspirational romance, which was based on true events. I cared about the Bender family, when they went to Mexico and experienced love, adventure and childbirth about there. Talk about the adventures of the heart. I loved the Ohio and Mexico dual locations for the settings in this inspirational fiction novel. This would make you sigh and take a deep breath and weep with joy and cry for heartache at the same time. Great drama, excellent adventure with plenty of suspense and romance to keep you enthralled.

Will you sojourn to Paradise Valley, too?

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