Thursday, March 5, 2015

Special review: Consigned to Death from October 2008

In Jane Cleland's Consigned to Death, the first Josie Prescott Antique cozy mystery in the series, we were introduced to Josie Prescott and her love of antiques. After a price-fixing scandal at her NY auction house, Josie started her life in New Hampshire to restore her reputation. As an antiques dealer, she knew about assessing antiques and was about to land her first big account. But when the owner was found stabbed to death, Josie became the prime suspect in the crime. Now everyone's eyes were on her, when the local police chef might be in love with her. Now it was a matter of time to prove her innocence to clear her name, or fall into the hands of the killer.

This was a gripping introduction to Josie Prescott in the antique mystery series. I cared about Josie and her new life in New Hampshire. I became intrigued with her love of antiquing and the business of antique collectibles. I loved the New Hampshire scenery for the settings and location of the series. This hooked me from the start and made me want to real more. Good drama, great non-stop action with plenty of suspense and intrigue to keep us guessing.

Don't be consigned to death! Pick up a copy for yourself today!

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