Thursday, March 12, 2015

City of Fear

In David Hewson's City of Fear, the 8th installment of the City of Fear, Nic Costa and his crew at the Questura tackle their toughest case yet. It all started with the abduction of a politician and escalated to his murder from there. For Nic and his fellow policemen, they believe they were up against the Blue Demon terrorist cult group that resurfaced from twenty years ago and now targeted on politicians and didn't want anyone to stand in their way. The closer to the truth to what laid beyond their evil plans, they undergone scrutiny from the Italian government and their peers, when it became personal for them--when one was of their own was killed. They would stop to nothing to end the terrorism in their country. 

This was one fantastic mystery thriller from David Hewson. I cared about Nic Costa and the Questera crew in this series. I loved how they tackled corrupt politics and terrorism in one action-packed mystery. I loved the Italian background settings and scenery for the location. It made me want to be there in the action. I didn't like the Blue Demon cult members or the dirty politicians. This would make you heart pound and blow your mind with a lot of explosive thrills on every page.

Would you want to tour the city of fear? If so, grab one as a guide today!

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