Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Secret Place

In Tana French's the Secret Place,  the 5th book in the Murder Squad thriller series, she told us a dark tale setting at a Catholic prep school for girls in Dublin, Ireland. It all started for Cold Case Detective Stephen Moran, when Holly Mackey handed him a card. From there, he opened the year-old murder case of Christopher Harper, a student from St. Colm's school. He teamed up with Murder Squad Detective Antoinette Conway to find out what happened to him. In proceeding and alternating chapters, we flash back to a year ago for Holly and her three friends and their nemesis, four rival students. It was up to Conway and Moran to find out whodunit, and why Holly gave him the chapter in the beginning. Although with a slow start, it had a spectacular finish, when someone confessed to the murder as things wouldn't be the same again for Holly and her friends in this shocking thriller.

This was an insane and intense dark thriller set in Ireland. Some of the girls I didn't care for much like Jo Ann and Gemma. I hate people who bully and tease people for their own thrills. I do like Moran and Conway as a partnered team to solve one murder. I liked the flashback scenes that lead to the murder of Chris Harper as well. I liked the school scenes as well. Fast-paced with plenty of drama, this would leave you  breathless and chilled as well.

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Special review: Blood of the Wicked from December 2008

In Leighton Gage's Brazilian mystery debut, Blood of the Wicked, we were introduced to Mario Silva, the lead detective of the police force.  Homeless peasants confronted the owners of their vast estates painted the scene in Cascatas do Pontal, Brazil. A bishop was flown in by helicopter to consecrate a new church and then was assassinated in cold blood. The pope called the Brazilian president, when Silva was dispatched to investigate the grisly scene with his nephew, Hector Costa, who was also a policeman. Together while they search for clues in the bishop's murder, they battle the state police, corrupted lawyers, and preying criminals on the streets, along with the church and a slew of other people to solve this shocking cold-blooded murder, when old secrets eked itself out in this disturbing investigation to find out who was the culprit. 

This was a fantastic mystery debut. I loved the backdrop of Brazil for the series. You really get a sense of how the Brazilians lived. Great vivid scenery to painted the picture well. I loved the introduction of Hector and Silva and the rest of his police team. We did get a sense of their background. I didn't like the bishop assassination scenery in the beginning. Nice storytelling and plenty of drama.

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Special Review: Fatal FIxer Upper from April 2009

In the first installment of the DIY series from Jenna Bennett aka Jennie Bentley, Fatal Fixer Upper, this new cozy had clever DIY tips for you to fix up your home or business. We were introduced to Avery Baker, a New York interior designer who had inherited her aunt's old Maine cottage. And that had lead her down the path to home renovation with handsome handyman, Derek Ellis. When they met, sparks flew between them. While she learned the process of DIY, they were on the case of a missing professor, while they rehabbed her great-aunt's home. With Derek's ex-wife trying to get her clutches back into her arms and her ex-fiancé to win her back, they had their fill of excitement. The closer they've gotten closer to the truth, she wondered if they can finish the process in time, before she became the next victim on his or her list.

This was a great DIY introduction to the cozy series. I loved the New York and Maine locations for the beautiful scenic depictions. it was so picturesque and grand in view. I loved the DIY tips and the renovation with Avery's aunt's place. I loved how Avery and Derek met for the first time. I didn't like the meddling Melissa or Avery's ex one bit. This was a great cozy for a quick read. Good drama, nice action and a hint of sparking romance too.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ice Trap

In the thriller debut from Kitty Sewell in Ice Trap, you'll be in for a cold thrill ride from both sides of the earth. For Dr. Dafydd Woodruff, it all started with a letter from a thirteen-year girl claiming she's his daughter--and that she has a twin brother named Mark. That's when the flashbacks started for him, which took us to Moose Creek, a tiny outpost in Canada, where he worked over a decade ago. From the past to the present in Cardiff, Wales, we've gotten to know him better, while his marriage to Isabel came unraveling apart. We watched Dafydd interact with his friends and colleagues at the small clinic where he worked at, especially with one cold-hearted, conniving, manipulating woman named Sheila Hailey, the twins' mother who had a wicked bone to pick with him. Later on, Dafydd returned to Moose Creek to noticed how things change and how wicked she was then, and learned the truth behind the secrets with a shocking conclusion.

This was a disturbing and twisted thriller debut. I loved the Canadian and Welsh backdrops for the settings. We could see how they were both from two different worlds and cultures, past and present.  I did feel bad for Dafydd and Isabel, since this ordeal had torn them apart and ruined their relationship. I didn't care for much on Sheila and her animosity against him, then and now. But I also felt such sorrows for the twins, Miranda and Mark, who underwent this situation. But I loved the storyline with every gripping page with a flashback and present day. This would leave you with chills and shivers from start to finish.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Special review: False Prophet from August 2008

In the fifth installment of the Decker/Lazarus mystery series by Faye Kellerman, LAPD Detective Peter Decker wound up in a pickle on his next case in False Prophet. He didn't know what to think about Lilah Brecht.  Daughter of a faded Hollywood legend and a beautiful eccentric spa owner,  someone beaten and raped her in her own home. She also claimed she had psychic visions to see into the looming future. Between his heart and his young pregnant wife Rina, he couldn't take much credence into her story between Lilah's family and her own ridiculous claims. But when her dark visions come real, they rocked his world with her secrets and obsessions, they entrapped Decker and pointed the killer to his own family.

This was another fascinating Faye Kellerman mystery. I believe the team of Lazarus and Decker were a dynamic duo. The character of Lilah was interesting and amusing as well, except for her psychic prophesies,  I didn't like it, when Rina ended up entangled into this mess, when she was in a delicate condition. I still love the rich Los Angeles background for this series. This novel made me feel quite flabbergasted and second-guessing along the way. Great dramatic build up with plenty of suspense and action on every page.

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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Steel Guitar

In Linda Barnes's Steel Guitar, this cool fast-paced mystery will leave you singing the blues. Meet Carlotta Carlyle. A former Boston cop turned PI who drove a hack for her side business. When she went to pick up her latest customer, it was a blast of the past. Dee Willis was a R&B singer with a band and a former foe of Carlotta. It all started with a crash of a mad mob at the park, when Carlotta's purse had gotten stolen from her. From there, it went downhill from there, when Dee asked her to find a former friend of theirs and fellow bandmate, Davey Dunrobie. With any bittersweet animosity aside, she discovered what was the story behind the letter she received. She also had some run-ins with her band and groupie, when things turned grisly, when a former band mate turned up dead. It brought back painful memories of when a fellow friend of theirs died the same way a decade ago. Although her close friend was in trouble with the law, she continued the search for Dunrobie and went into her ex-husband Cal. Right in the end, they've nabbed the bad guys and had a sobering ending of their close friend. Bring a hankie!

This mystery had a lot going on, for starters. I thought Carlotta was an amusing private detective.  I did care for Carlotta and for her friends. I loved the Boston location to set the scenery. It was very picturesque and lovely. I loved the concept of the blues band and the art of music recording, too. I did feel sorrow for Davey with a ping of heartache as well. As for Dee, I thought she was a great singer. I didn't care for much for some of the band members like Brenda. I thought it was a shocking twist that she slept with her ex. Great drama on the edge of suspense, lots of tension, and a good action. This was one powerful read that you make you sigh and cry in the end.

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Cake on a Hot Tin Roof

In the second Piece of Cake Mystery by Jacklyn Brady, Rita Lucero was way over her head in Cake on a Hot Tin Roof. While she recovered from the previous murder case she came out unscathed and trying to take the helm of Zydeco Bakery in New Orleans. Mardi Gras was around the bend, which made everyone in Zydeco hectic and frantic to get ready with their orders of King Cakes. Fellow employee breathed down her neck for the website and blog, when her aunt and uncle dropped by for an unexpected surprise visit from Chicago. While she tried to score an order for a big wedding deal, she came across some unsavory characters at a Musterion krewe party. She'd gotten her head into the murder of a family fight, when her uncle became suspected of the murder. It was up to Rita to clear her uncle's name, find out what's going on with her aunt and uncle, and to come clean on her feelings on Liam Sullivan. This one included some yummy recipes, too.

This was another fascinating culinary cozy mystery. I loved the backdrop of the Mardi Gras season in New Orleans to set the scene. I loved getting to know more about Rita's family better. I did feel a pang for Rita, when she dealt with running the bakery and running interference for her family at the same time. I also loved the connection Liam and Rita had as well, too. I didn't like the victim's family, either, which came to a sad and tragic ending. Plenty of drama and lots of action into delicious culinary cozy.

Ready to party during Mardi Gras? Jump aboard with a copy today!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Last Boyfriend

In Nora Roberts's The Last Boyfriend, the second installment in the Inn Boonsboro trilogy, this novel focused on Owen Montgomery and Avery MacTavish.They knew each other, when they was little; and as a grown up, they never thought they would fall for each other. Owen was a take-charge middle brother in his family, working to build an inn and a home extension for the center of Boonsboro, Maryland. His brother Beckett was getting ready to tie the knot with Claire, a widow with three young sons, to form a blended family. His other brother, Ryder, had strong feelings for Hope, who took charge of the inn, and still giving over a past heartache. During the past months for the completion of the inn, the friendship turned into romance for Avery and Owen; Avery took charge of a pizzeria and now two new restaurants, when her mother who abandoned her, since her father took care of her when she was young. There's also a little ghost story that Avery came across, just like in In the Garden trilogy. This is a heart-warming romance about life, friendship and family.

I loved this new trilogy from Nora Roberts. I loved how everyone came together to get the inn up and working and ready in time. We do get to care about Owen and Avery and their families. I did, when they went through so many emotions between those two families. I loved the backdrop of Boonsboro, Maine. It was so picturesque and grand for sure. I didn't care for much for Avery's cold-hearted mother. But Justine and Willie together was a hoot.

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Special review: Lifelines from March 2009

If you loved shows like ER, you'll love be in the front and center of an Emergency Room in a Pittsburgh. In CJ Lyons's Lifelines, this book launched the first book in her Angels of Mercy series.  Lydia Fiore was new to the area and hailed from Los Angeles. When she first arrived on the scene on Transition Day, things took a bit turn for the worse as attending nurse, when the Chief of Surgery's son died on the table. To save her career, she needed to get behind the truth behind his death. Lucky for her, she wasn't alone. She formed new and fast friendships with Nora, Gina and Amanda, and developed a new love interest of her own with a paramedic. While the mystery of her mother's death haunted her, get ready to take a seat in front of the hospital with non-stop medical drama.  You'll be in for a thrill ride.

This is a fantastic new medical thriller series. It had all the real life dealings of the behind the scenes  of the Emergency Room in a hospital setting. I loved the Philadelphia location and how we get to know Lydia and her co-workers personally and outside of the hospital. I loved how they bonded and get to know each other. I hated for Lydia to wonder about the mystery of her mom's mystery. This medical thriller had a lot of action, drama and sparks of romance, all wrapped up in one in tense package.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Special review: The Theft from July 2008

Best-selling romantic suspense/thriller author, Andrea Kane, introduced a new tale to us in her historical romance, The Theft, the second book in the Thornton-Bromleigh series. We were introduced to Lady Noelle Bromleigh, who was determined to find out the truth on her biological mother from her loving adoptive parents to Franco Baricci, the blackguard who seduced and abandoned her mother. She was set out on the path to destroy him. But the knowledge wasn't enough for her, when she defied society to travel to England alone and unchaperoned. Danger and excitement awaited her there, when she met the earl of Tremlett, Ashford Thornton, who seduced her and awakened the wildest passion in him with suspicious eyes. From there, Thornton couldn't believe Noelle who lead him to his enemy on his own darkest mission.  He couldn't afford to let sweet innocent Noelle steal his heart, when he had his own secrets to keep and to keep his at arm's length from danger.

This was an exquisite historical romance from Andrea Kane. I did feel some strong emotions for Noelle on the search for the truth on her biological mother. I sensed this journey was dark and perilous to do it alone. I loved the sensual chemistry between Thornton and Bromleigh when they met and came together. Ashford was a dangerous and mysterious earl with some eye-catching qualities. I loved the backdrop in 18th century England for this tempting journey. Great suspense, hot romance, and an intriguing mystery wrapped up in one package. You'll love this one from the first chapter to the epilogue.

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Sunday, August 17, 2014


In Andrea Kane's Twisted, she told us a twisted and warped tale of kidnapping, obsession and murderous mayhem in the first FBI trilogy. Sloane Burbank was a former FBI agent now turned consultant, due to a hand injury in her latest case. When her close friend's parents asked her to look into her disappearance from a year ago, she would be more than happy to oblige. But she'd gotten more than she bargained for. She teamed up with her former boyfriend, Agent Derek Parker, to work on this more difficult and complicated case. Someone's been kidnapping young women and giving them a royal godly treatment as goddess. He had a sick obsession on Sloane and with Greek mythology too. When she suspected she's been watched like an eagle with hang-up on her phone, it was up to Derek and Sloane to pick up the twisted pieces of this wicked jigsaw puzzle, while they resolved old issues and turn up the heat on their dormant sparking chemistry. Sloane didn't see this coming, when she became the next one on his list and who wanted her for himself.

This was a fantastic FBI thriller. I loved knowing Sloane's background of how she injured her hand and how she dealt from recovering from it. I loved how she teamed with her former flame, Derek, when there's a burning flame of desire for both of them. The mythological goddess twist was quite interesting as well. I loved the tri-state area for the locations. I hated to see how one of Sloane's friends was killed and another could be  quite evil. Great dramatic twists, excellent suspense and terrific romance between Sloane and Derek.

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

I Scream, You Scream

In Wendy Lyn Watson's I Scream, You Scream, the first book in the Mystery A La Mode series, someone didn't really scream out loud for ice cream. For Tallulah "Tally" Jones, she wounded up with that predicament. She lived in her grandma's home and worked at her own ice cream parlor in a small town in Texas. Recently divorced from her husband, she no longer lived in the lap of luxury. When her ex and his new squeeze, someone much younger than her, asked her to cater ice cream at his company's luau picnic, she'd gotten much more than she bargained for. His new flame accused him of flirting with Tally and had a row with her, later she wounded up dead. And that placed Wayne and herself on the hot seat. To clear both their names, she did some digging of her own on who wanted her dead and learned some shocking revelations. Things do heat up with her former flame, Finn Harper, when new sparks fly between then. When she discovered who was the culprit, she came close to become the newest victim on the list.

This was a delightful introduction to the culinary cozy series featuring ice cream recipes. I liked Tally and her sister and her niece Alice. I didn't like Brittany for awhile. I cared for Tally and her feelings for Wayne, when she helped to clear his name. Even if she had to go undercover for it, she became close to the killer itself. I loved the ice cream flavors as well. But Finn, he was an interesting catch for Tally.

Ready for a scoop or two? Dig into this delicious culinary cozy today!

Friday, August 15, 2014

One of Us

Welcome to the dark side of town in Tawni O'Dell's latest thriller, One of Us. For Lost Creek, a small mining town in Pennsylvania, it had been haunted by a grisly history. More than fifty years ago, eight rebellious Irish miners were once hanged by the gallows from Walker Dawes. Residents of the town believed it was haunted from ghosts, especially from their descendants. This tale was told in present-day by two people who have been affected by the town's hidden secrets, past and present, with flashbacks of their former lives. It all started when Sheridan "Danny" Doyle, Prosperity McNab's great-great grandson, a prestigious forensic psychologist from Philadelphia, who came home to visit his 94-year-old grandfather. He also hailed from a dysfunctional family and a lot of heartache. When he visited the gallows near the mine, he came across a dead body. For Danny and his mentor, Rafferty "Rafe" Malloy, it was up to them to find out who's behind the recent spree in their neighborhood. On the flip side of the coin was Scarlet Dawes, the grand-daughter of Walker Dawes the first, the richest family in the small town who had an agenda of her own and stirring up a lot of trouble. When the past collided with the present, a whole lot of mayhem and family secrets were unearthed to shake this town up. When Danny figured it out the disturbing truth, his life was at stake. There's a shocking twist you didn't see coming in the end!

For starters, you really do care for Danny and his family in a small mining town. We become shocked on how he overcame obstacles to make a life for himself. I felt bad for his mom and didn't care much for his worthless father. As for Scarlet Dawes, I didn't like them either. Even when she revealed her true intentions, it sent chills down my spine and left me on edge. I knew she was nothing but trouble. I loved the scene in Ireland at the end and the small mining town itself, except for the gallows.  This is as dark as it can be.

Ready to take on a difficult case? Give this one a quick read!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Special review: Move to Strike from January 2009

In the 6th installment of the Nina Reilly series, Move to Strike, she tackled another compelling and difficult case for her small one-person woman. Her newest client was her son's best friend, who was the niece of a prominent plastic surgeon, and a thief. She wanted to find out, if she stole something and later killed her uncle with it. While the DA's office wanted to try her as an adult, Nina had other ideas. She counted on her former lover and ally, Paul Van Wagoner, to find out about the plane crash that killed the surgeon's son. It was up to Nina to sort through the lies surrounding her client and put them to rest, while she tried to get a hold of a mining claim, former clients, and trying to tie them together to old cold cases. At the bottom of them all, Nina would soon later discover on what did her client see at the night of her uncle's murder ... and be shocked by the latest zinging twist.

This was another great  installment in this legal thriller series. I continued to love the South Lake Tahoe series that's centered between California and Nevada. I loved how Nina's clientele continued to build and how close she was to her son Bobby.  I believe there's some sparks between her and Paul. I liked the plane twist angle and how it tied to the case in hand. I cared about Nina and Bobby and Paul, and wondered if they would make it out okay. This had plenty of intense action, nice drama and good storyline to even it out.

Ready to strike for a good book? Check this out today!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Special review: Protect and Defend from March 2009

In the 10th installment in the Mitch Rapp series by Vince Flynn, Protect and Defend, it took place in post 9/11. The president of Iran spent vast money on the development of a nuclear program. He didn't want to wait anymore for the war to end with his enemy, Israel, who launched one of the most daring espionage operations ever conceived. And that left a radioactive tomb and environmental disaster in its wake. Iran blamed Israel and the USA and wanted them to pay. Mitch Rapp was sent to investigate and undergo a most dangerous operation to embarrass Iran and push them to the brink. Meanwhile, the Iranian president hatched a plan to team up with Hezbollah to leave an attack of their own in its wake. It was up to Mitch to do whatever it takes to stop it from imploding in 24 hours... or die trying.

In a post 9/11 world, where terrorism to our country would always be our threat, this thriller did deliver with that kind of message.  I was always enthralled with Mitch Rapp in the CIA and his life outside it. When our country was in turmoil and a blame game started wars, I applauded for his efforts to see things through. I loved the non-stop action in the central location of the Middle East and also in the USA. I loved how he interacted with other others to get to the heart of the problem. I cared about him in the most profound way, when he'd gotten caught and into trouble. This thriller left me speechless and numb with a cold wave of sweat. Non-stop action in every suspense and tons of drama to keep you reading for the shocking ending.

Ready to stop a war? Raise a white flag with a copy today!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

No Eye Can See

In the second installment of the Kinship and Courage series, No Eye Can See, the tale continued for Suzanne Culver and the rest of the widows who lost their husband from the cholera epidemic on the Oregon Trail. For all of them, they bonded like family and became closer friends, when they journeyed to California and hoped to find their own way. New romances bloom for Mazy and Tipton, while Suzanne wanted to be independent on her own and take care of her two young sons. Based on true facts of the original pioneers, there's no doubt of danger from Zane Randolph, Ruth Martin's estranged husband who spent time in prison for killing his own son on the trail. Heartache, romance, and new secrets and lies turn up in this continuation of the saga with an inspirational message for God to guide them along their ways.

This was a sweet inspirational romance about finding your way with God's love. For Suzanne, I cared about her being a widow seeking independence and raising her two sons. I loved the friendship she made with her friends and other families on the Oregon Trail. I didn't care for Zane so much and what he did to Ruth and others. This gave the term "blind faith" a whole new meaning. I loved the scenery they took to get there with wagons. I also loved the historical notes and backstory as well.

Ready to take a trip? Get on board and grab a ride with this book!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Spouse Trap

Get ready for a wild ride in Cynthia Hamilton's Spouse Trap.  In the first installment of the Madeline Dawkins Mystery series, Madeline Ridley ended up raped by a mysterious man at a fundraiser event one night. From there, it went downhill from there. Her husband Steven came home and accused her of adultery while asking her for divorce. Flabbergasted, she was cast out of her home with a tarnished reputation in Santa Barbara. Madeline vowed revenge, when she tailed a private eye meeting with her husband. She decided to get herself a divorce lawyer and a private eye on her case. She learned what evil plots her husband had against her with one dropped bombshell after another piling against her. Therefore, he sent her to a quickie divorce in Guam, when she went into a tailspin after learning about her PI's death. Madeline transformed herself and did her own sleuthing against her husband to slam him, while she had the upperhand in the end and went into another career of her own.

This was a real nail-biter mystery. I loved the locations of Guam and Santa Monica California. I really hated Maddie's husband Steven with a passion who pushed her into divorce. I loved Maddie and Michael, two close friends who worked together. I also liked Burt until he met his demise by a pair of evil hands. I didn't like those people who snubbed her. But I cherished her friends who supported her and helped her out. I liked how Maddie transformed herself to give her ex his comeuppance and to branch out into a new career field for her in the end.

Ready to trap a louse? Snatch a copy today!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Murder by the Glass

In the second installment of the Wine Lover's Mystery series,  Murder by the Glass, Nikki Sands returned to this newest mystery that had befallen on her lap. Six months after she solved her first vineyard mystery, she was Derek's date to a wedding. But there's no happily ever after to the happy couple, when she winded up dead on her wedding day and poisoned by her glass. When Nikki's best friend Isabel was framed for her murder, she did everything she could to clear her name and learned more about the deceased bride's past history and no claim to fame. The closer she'd gotten closer to the truth, the more curious she was to know the culprit. While this happened, she couldn't control her feelings for her boss, Derek, while her best friend's brother had feelings for her. Mama mia! She winded up in a love triangle of her own.

This was another fantastic Nikki Sands culinary cozy. I loved the backdrop of Napa Valley California and the vineyards. It was so vivid and visual to see it in such lovely descriptions. I love the couple of Nikki and Derek. I did feel bad for Isabel and her brother Andre, when she was falsely accused. I did become concerned on Nikki's snooping and on Derek's possible jealousy. The little mini ghost story attached was something special as well.  I loved the wine pairing tips included in the book as well. It was enough to make you mouth water. Great chemistry, nice drama, and a perfect light read.

Cheers! Feel free to check it out today!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Sniper's Honor

In Sniper's Honor,  the 9th book in the Bob Lee Swagger Thriller series, Bob Lee Swagger returned on his latest adventure yet. When a close friend from the Washington Post asked him to help her with a story in Russia, it took them all the way to the Ukraine to get down the bare facts. Part historical fiction, part thriller/adventure in alternating chapters, Swagger and Kathy Reilly followed the trail of the legendary female Russian sniper, Ludmilla "Mili" Petrova, during World War II against the Germans and the Serbians. Russian called her a heroine, while others think otherwise and call her a traitor. Swagger, a fellow sniper himself, wanted to do the right thing and honor her legacy. Others wanted to stop them in the tracks in Russia from honoring her memory, when they turned the tables on their pursuers. From the frontlines of the war, down to present day on the trail for Swagger, this fast-paced thriller takes us back and forth in time, with a subplot from Israel, which lead to the shocking conclusion of the main fantastic storyline.

This was a fantastic spy thriller with historical elements. In alternating chapters, I cared to learn more about Mili and how she became wide-known after the second world war. She lead a fascinating history and legacy for her kids. With those historical facts inserted in to make it accurate and real, this made for a good real. I also cared for Bob Lee Swagger, an aging spy to find out the truth about her. I couldn't find anyone to hate or any scenes to hate, either. But both Mili and Bob were wonderful characters.

Ready to honor a spy? Grab a copy for someone's Christmas list this month!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Special Review from December 2008: Southern Cross

In Patricia Cornwell's Southern Cross, the first book in the Andy Brazil series, she told us another dark tale that took place down south in Virginia. For Judy Hammer, she took on the challenge as the new police chief in Charlotte, Virginia, and brought her deputy chief and a rookie police officer to help her deal with the tangled mess she landed in. For the trio, they dealt with police corruption, scandals and swiftly handled a murder on their doorstep with a big-city police department. It was no easy task for them to clean up the police force. While Judy dealt with loss and the brunt of anguish from the local government, a computer virus froze their screens with a blue fish and later with a southern cross, the symbol from a gang. In this fast-paced police procedural thriller, we watch how Judy and her team took care of the mayhem and put them into an organized law and order system.

This was a gripping mystery. I loved the location of Charlotte, North Carolina, and how a small town business became ugly. I did feel a hardship for Judy, who came under fire and such criticism. I liked how Andy and Virginia helped her out with this harrowing ordeal. There were some ugly stuff going on here that dealt with corruption and terrorism. But I loved how it didn't let it faze them and became stronger for that. Lots of drama and hard-core suspense in this series to keep you reading to the end.

Why not give this a go today? 

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Keepsake Crimes

In Keepsake Crimes, Laura Childs introduced us to a new character in her new cozy series, in the first Scrapbooking Mystery series. Carmela Betrand owned a small craft shop in New Orleans, and specialized in the art and craft of scrapbooking. She used to live the high life, until her husband Shamus bolted from her and wanted to change careers. Until then, she made a niche store of her own and formed a circle of friends. During Mardi Gras season, someone was murdered during one of the float parade. People spread vicious rumors about it being her ex-husband and placing the blame on him. It was up to Carmela to clear his name and find out who was the culprit and why. The closer she'd gotten to the truth, the more perilous her life and her craft store would be from ruination. This series also included scrapbooking tips to do at home.

I liked Carmela and the central crafty focus of scrapbooking. New Orleans was a fantastic setting for any holiday season. For Mardi Gras, it made it even better. Seamus was an okay character for her ex, though his sister Glory was an interesting person as well with a love/hate series. I didn't like Ruby and Jack in my mind's eye. I became personally invested into Carmela and her scrapbooking friends in this new cozy series. I love the bonus touch of scrapbooking tips.

Ready to get crafty? Check out this cozy series today!