Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Secret Place

In Tana French's the Secret Place,  the 5th book in the Murder Squad thriller series, she told us a dark tale setting at a Catholic prep school for girls in Dublin, Ireland. It all started for Cold Case Detective Stephen Moran, when Holly Mackey handed him a card. From there, he opened the year-old murder case of Christopher Harper, a student from St. Colm's school. He teamed up with Murder Squad Detective Antoinette Conway to find out what happened to him. In proceeding and alternating chapters, we flash back to a year ago for Holly and her three friends and their nemesis, four rival students. It was up to Conway and Moran to find out whodunit, and why Holly gave him the chapter in the beginning. Although with a slow start, it had a spectacular finish, when someone confessed to the murder as things wouldn't be the same again for Holly and her friends in this shocking thriller.

This was an insane and intense dark thriller set in Ireland. Some of the girls I didn't care for much like Jo Ann and Gemma. I hate people who bully and tease people for their own thrills. I do like Moran and Conway as a partnered team to solve one murder. I liked the flashback scenes that lead to the murder of Chris Harper as well. I liked the school scenes as well. Fast-paced with plenty of drama, this would leave you  breathless and chilled as well.

Ready for a great thriller? Grab a copy today!

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