Thursday, August 14, 2014

Special review: Move to Strike from January 2009

In the 6th installment of the Nina Reilly series, Move to Strike, she tackled another compelling and difficult case for her small one-person woman. Her newest client was her son's best friend, who was the niece of a prominent plastic surgeon, and a thief. She wanted to find out, if she stole something and later killed her uncle with it. While the DA's office wanted to try her as an adult, Nina had other ideas. She counted on her former lover and ally, Paul Van Wagoner, to find out about the plane crash that killed the surgeon's son. It was up to Nina to sort through the lies surrounding her client and put them to rest, while she tried to get a hold of a mining claim, former clients, and trying to tie them together to old cold cases. At the bottom of them all, Nina would soon later discover on what did her client see at the night of her uncle's murder ... and be shocked by the latest zinging twist.

This was another great  installment in this legal thriller series. I continued to love the South Lake Tahoe series that's centered between California and Nevada. I loved how Nina's clientele continued to build and how close she was to her son Bobby.  I believe there's some sparks between her and Paul. I liked the plane twist angle and how it tied to the case in hand. I cared about Nina and Bobby and Paul, and wondered if they would make it out okay. This had plenty of intense action, nice drama and good storyline to even it out.

Ready to strike for a good book? Check this out today!

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