Sunday, August 10, 2014

No Eye Can See

In the second installment of the Kinship and Courage series, No Eye Can See, the tale continued for Suzanne Culver and the rest of the widows who lost their husband from the cholera epidemic on the Oregon Trail. For all of them, they bonded like family and became closer friends, when they journeyed to California and hoped to find their own way. New romances bloom for Mazy and Tipton, while Suzanne wanted to be independent on her own and take care of her two young sons. Based on true facts of the original pioneers, there's no doubt of danger from Zane Randolph, Ruth Martin's estranged husband who spent time in prison for killing his own son on the trail. Heartache, romance, and new secrets and lies turn up in this continuation of the saga with an inspirational message for God to guide them along their ways.

This was a sweet inspirational romance about finding your way with God's love. For Suzanne, I cared about her being a widow seeking independence and raising her two sons. I loved the friendship she made with her friends and other families on the Oregon Trail. I didn't care for Zane so much and what he did to Ruth and others. This gave the term "blind faith" a whole new meaning. I loved the scenery they took to get there with wagons. I also loved the historical notes and backstory as well.

Ready to take a trip? Get on board and grab a ride with this book!

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  1. Thanks Kirsten. I loved how these characters taught me how to see better.


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