Friday, August 8, 2014

Murder by the Glass

In the second installment of the Wine Lover's Mystery series,  Murder by the Glass, Nikki Sands returned to this newest mystery that had befallen on her lap. Six months after she solved her first vineyard mystery, she was Derek's date to a wedding. But there's no happily ever after to the happy couple, when she winded up dead on her wedding day and poisoned by her glass. When Nikki's best friend Isabel was framed for her murder, she did everything she could to clear her name and learned more about the deceased bride's past history and no claim to fame. The closer she'd gotten closer to the truth, the more curious she was to know the culprit. While this happened, she couldn't control her feelings for her boss, Derek, while her best friend's brother had feelings for her. Mama mia! She winded up in a love triangle of her own.

This was another fantastic Nikki Sands culinary cozy. I loved the backdrop of Napa Valley California and the vineyards. It was so vivid and visual to see it in such lovely descriptions. I love the couple of Nikki and Derek. I did feel bad for Isabel and her brother Andre, when she was falsely accused. I did become concerned on Nikki's snooping and on Derek's possible jealousy. The little mini ghost story attached was something special as well.  I loved the wine pairing tips included in the book as well. It was enough to make you mouth water. Great chemistry, nice drama, and a perfect light read.

Cheers! Feel free to check it out today!

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