Thursday, August 21, 2014

Special review: Lifelines from March 2009

If you loved shows like ER, you'll love be in the front and center of an Emergency Room in a Pittsburgh. In CJ Lyons's Lifelines, this book launched the first book in her Angels of Mercy series.  Lydia Fiore was new to the area and hailed from Los Angeles. When she first arrived on the scene on Transition Day, things took a bit turn for the worse as attending nurse, when the Chief of Surgery's son died on the table. To save her career, she needed to get behind the truth behind his death. Lucky for her, she wasn't alone. She formed new and fast friendships with Nora, Gina and Amanda, and developed a new love interest of her own with a paramedic. While the mystery of her mother's death haunted her, get ready to take a seat in front of the hospital with non-stop medical drama.  You'll be in for a thrill ride.

This is a fantastic new medical thriller series. It had all the real life dealings of the behind the scenes  of the Emergency Room in a hospital setting. I loved the Philadelphia location and how we get to know Lydia and her co-workers personally and outside of the hospital. I loved how they bonded and get to know each other. I hated for Lydia to wonder about the mystery of her mom's mystery. This medical thriller had a lot of action, drama and sparks of romance, all wrapped up in one in tense package.

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