Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Special review: The Theft from July 2008

Best-selling romantic suspense/thriller author, Andrea Kane, introduced a new tale to us in her historical romance, The Theft, the second book in the Thornton-Bromleigh series. We were introduced to Lady Noelle Bromleigh, who was determined to find out the truth on her biological mother from her loving adoptive parents to Franco Baricci, the blackguard who seduced and abandoned her mother. She was set out on the path to destroy him. But the knowledge wasn't enough for her, when she defied society to travel to England alone and unchaperoned. Danger and excitement awaited her there, when she met the earl of Tremlett, Ashford Thornton, who seduced her and awakened the wildest passion in him with suspicious eyes. From there, Thornton couldn't believe Noelle who lead him to his enemy on his own darkest mission.  He couldn't afford to let sweet innocent Noelle steal his heart, when he had his own secrets to keep and to keep his at arm's length from danger.

This was an exquisite historical romance from Andrea Kane. I did feel some strong emotions for Noelle on the search for the truth on her biological mother. I sensed this journey was dark and perilous to do it alone. I loved the sensual chemistry between Thornton and Bromleigh when they met and came together. Ashford was a dangerous and mysterious earl with some eye-catching qualities. I loved the backdrop in 18th century England for this tempting journey. Great suspense, hot romance, and an intriguing mystery wrapped up in one package. You'll love this one from the first chapter to the epilogue.

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