Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ice Trap

In the thriller debut from Kitty Sewell in Ice Trap, you'll be in for a cold thrill ride from both sides of the earth. For Dr. Dafydd Woodruff, it all started with a letter from a thirteen-year girl claiming she's his daughter--and that she has a twin brother named Mark. That's when the flashbacks started for him, which took us to Moose Creek, a tiny outpost in Canada, where he worked over a decade ago. From the past to the present in Cardiff, Wales, we've gotten to know him better, while his marriage to Isabel came unraveling apart. We watched Dafydd interact with his friends and colleagues at the small clinic where he worked at, especially with one cold-hearted, conniving, manipulating woman named Sheila Hailey, the twins' mother who had a wicked bone to pick with him. Later on, Dafydd returned to Moose Creek to noticed how things change and how wicked she was then, and learned the truth behind the secrets with a shocking conclusion.

This was a disturbing and twisted thriller debut. I loved the Canadian and Welsh backdrops for the settings. We could see how they were both from two different worlds and cultures, past and present.  I did feel bad for Dafydd and Isabel, since this ordeal had torn them apart and ruined their relationship. I didn't care for much on Sheila and her animosity against him, then and now. But I also felt such sorrows for the twins, Miranda and Mark, who underwent this situation. But I loved the storyline with every gripping page with a flashback and present day. This would leave you with chills and shivers from start to finish.

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