Saturday, August 9, 2014

Spouse Trap

Get ready for a wild ride in Cynthia Hamilton's Spouse Trap.  In the first installment of the Madeline Dawkins Mystery series, Madeline Ridley ended up raped by a mysterious man at a fundraiser event one night. From there, it went downhill from there. Her husband Steven came home and accused her of adultery while asking her for divorce. Flabbergasted, she was cast out of her home with a tarnished reputation in Santa Barbara. Madeline vowed revenge, when she tailed a private eye meeting with her husband. She decided to get herself a divorce lawyer and a private eye on her case. She learned what evil plots her husband had against her with one dropped bombshell after another piling against her. Therefore, he sent her to a quickie divorce in Guam, when she went into a tailspin after learning about her PI's death. Madeline transformed herself and did her own sleuthing against her husband to slam him, while she had the upperhand in the end and went into another career of her own.

This was a real nail-biter mystery. I loved the locations of Guam and Santa Monica California. I really hated Maddie's husband Steven with a passion who pushed her into divorce. I loved Maddie and Michael, two close friends who worked together. I also liked Burt until he met his demise by a pair of evil hands. I didn't like those people who snubbed her. But I cherished her friends who supported her and helped her out. I liked how Maddie transformed herself to give her ex his comeuppance and to branch out into a new career field for her in the end.

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