Sunday, February 28, 2010

Night of the Loving Dead

If you love paranormal cozies, you'll love the fourth installment in the Pepper Martin series, Night of the Loving Dead. Set mostly in Chicago and bits in Cleveland, this one pitted Pepper into a pickle, when she dealt with a manipulative ghost named Madelyn Tremayne, who'd been dead for three years. Only instead of finding out who killed her, this one had an eerie twist, å la The Lovely Bones, when her true colors were revealed to be the bitch of her. Not only that, but Pepper was still in a pickle, when she figured her way out of this and gotten herself involved into a bigger love triangle with Dan and Quinn. It kept getting better. 

Saturday, February 27, 2010

A sticky situation

Candy Apple Dead is set in Paradise, Colorado, when Abby Shaw returns back to her home state after a failed marriage, and gets embroiled into a murder, when a friend of hers gets killed. Like all cozies, she decides to go investigating on her own, when Detective Pine Jawarski gets on her case, and believes her brother Wyatt is involved. Abby finds out new secrets on her friend, Brandon Mills, and what really happened behind the scenes before he entered her town, before she ends up the next suspect herself. She also finds out what's going on with her brother too. This one has recipes too to make the candy. A delightful new cozy.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Third Degree

In Greg Iles's Third Degree, he gave us another scintillating thriller that would chill you to the core. We meet with Laurel Shields, a special education teacher and mother of two, who found out she was  pregnant. The question was, she didn't know if it was her husband or her lover from her affair. When she came home from work, her husband was on the rampage and found out the truth, when things went bad to worse, and the shit had hit the fan, when secrets came out of the dark and into the light, when it was s a fight for survival for Laurel and her family. A thrill ride that lasted all day.

This was an excellent thriller that would leave you breathless and cold to the touch. This made me want to read all of his books, stand-alone or serial. I would recommend it, if you haven't read his book before. This was an excellent page-turner that would leave you guessing for more. I cared about Laurel and her plight, while the jury was still out on Warren. I loved the idealistic small town of Athens Point, Mississippi as the central location and settings for this novel. This would wheel you in with great drama, excellent suspense, non-stop action and intrigue.

Will you experience the third degree? If so, check it out today!

A Chilling Obsession

This is another thrilling romantic suspense from Lisa Jackson. Deep Freeze is the first book in the Northwest trilogy, when Jenna Hughes, a former Hollywood actress moves from Hollywood to Oregon, after a stalker, her marriage falling apart, and a tragedy on the set that killed her sister. Now a stalker is after her with a sick twisting obsession of knowing her routine and watching her family and her every move, until he makes her his prize possession as his own, since he's her new one fan. And only Sheriff Shane Carter, the man she butted heads with and falls in love, is the one who can save her. I can't wait to read Fatal Burn next year, the second book in the series.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dark Legacy

If you love paranormal romances with a shocking twist, you'll love Dark Legacy. Ten years ago, Maddie's father died in a car accident, while her twin ended up in a coma. Now in the present, she realized her sister was alive and the link connected them lead to a shocking truth of their dark legacy of psychic connections, when good over evil won with the light over darkness and love conquered hate. They battled their fears and connected again to find their greatest demons in dreams and in real life. A great story!

This was an interesting twist for a paranormal romance. I loved that it had a twin connection as it dealt with the past and present. I loved how it explored the psychic phenomenon  as well.  The dream link was also an interest twist as well to tie things altogether. This was a good example of good versus evil. I thought Maddie was an interesting character while exploring her background. Good drama, lots of action and a hint of romance to even the score.

Ready to battle the dark side? Give this book a try!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Worst Case Scenario

James Patterson is back with a vengeance in his latest thriller with Michael Bennett, the third in his series, in Worst Case. This time, they deal with a heinous plot from a terminal ill man, who seeks vengeance against the rich and kidnaps their kids to put them to the test. And it gets even worse from there, as he's almost impossible to catch, until later on. Plus, there's a possible love triangle with Bennett's nanny MC and FBI Agent Emily Parker. If you love a great read, you'll enjoy this great mystery.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hemlock Bay

If you love great suspense novels, Hemlock Bay is the one for you, the 6th installment of Catherine Coulter's FBI series. This was set in a fictional town in California called Hemlock Bay, a small hamlet of a town, when a lot of things were going on. For starters, for Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock, they dealt with a cult following and a psychological serial killer with a twisted mind. For Dillon's sister Lily, someone tried to kill her and made her crazy, when it all came down to her grandmother's paintings and the mastermind behind it, which stemmed from her in-laws and a despicable husband. In the end, both cases collided with a shocking resolution. A great thrill ride to read!

This was an interesting thriller. I loved the backdrop of Hemlock Bay for the novel. Who would ever thought about the evil behind it? I did love Dillon and Lacey, when this came down on them. I also felt bad for Lily as well. I liked the paintings link and the cult behind it. This had a lot of twists and turns for a FBI thriller that was packed with suspense and intrigue as well. This would make you speechless and drop your jaw as well.

Ready to visit Hemlock Bay? Buy a copy today!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cold Pursuit

If you love Sandra Brown's Chill Factor, you'll love Carla Neggers's Cold Pursuit, the first book in the Black Falls series. This dealt with former lovers from high school, Jo Harper and Elijah Cameron, who were now a Secret Service Agent and a Special Ops Soldier, who have returned to Black Falls, Vermont. After a deadly hit-and-run killed Ambassador Alex Bruni, his stepdaughter went missing in the winter cold, when she discovered a secret and took off. It was now up to them to beat a man who was after her and to silence her for her death, while battling the elements along the way. Great romance thrown in to ease the tension as the action turned up the heat on a cold day.

This chilling thriller would thaw and defrost any cold day. I loved the central location of Black Falls, Vermont. It seemed to be so remote and idealistic for a chilling thriller. I loved the backstory of Jo and Elijah and what their jobs were now. I did feel for them, when we get to know about their past, and see them reconnect in the present. This would give you goosebumps and shivers down your spine. Great suspense, hot romance, and plenty of non-stop dramatic action in every page.

Check this book out this weekend!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Never Seduce a Scoundrel

If you love a good historical romance, you'll enjoy a hot one like Sabrina Jeffries's Never Seduce A Scoundrel, the first book in the School of Heiresses  series. This kicked things off with Amelia Plume, an English heiress and a graduate from the school, that upon a dare, she met an American soldier named Major Lucas Winter, when she delivered a note to someone else in his lodge. From that moment on, both Amelia and Lucas run into each other. Amelia went out to seduce him, when she discovered he investigated her stepmother for a crime. Winter didn't see it coming, when she went out an adventure, and they go neck for neck, when she fell in love, and he succumbed to temptation. Later on, he revealed his dark past, while he fended off some bad guys. She later realized she loved him, when his secret ploy for vengeance was revealed, and love brought them together. A lovely historical romance to heat up your winter day.

This was a lovely introduction to this historical romance series.  This was a sense of intrigue and drama between Amelia and Lucas. But they both shared some emotional baggage in their past. I found Amelia a rare beauty, a passionate soul, and an adventure seeker. She was real interesting to read about. Lucas was the perfect match for her, when they ran into each other and discovered the passion between them. I loved the backdrop of 18th century England to set the scene and the heiress school as well. This would reel you in to keep you reading more of her work.

Don't get swept away? Hang on tight to a copy today!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Double Bind

If you love literary suspense, you'll enjoy Chris Bohjalian's The Double Bind. This deals with Laurel Estabrook, a cyclist and a social worker, who were assaulted and raped in Vermont by two men. Years ago, one of her clients gave her a batch of photos, when he died. This takes Laurel to a somewhat obsession of finding out he's identity, when she pushed the people away, who think she's crazy. When she believes she's onto something, some people don't want her to have. There's a literary twist here that deals with the Great Gatsby. There's a shocking twist towards the end. I thought it was okay and leave it up to you to judge on this book. Enjoy!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Whispering Rock

If you loved the Virgin River series by Robyn Carr, you'll love the third installment titled Whispering Rock. If you haven't read the series, start with Virgin River. This dealt with Jack's sister Brie, who was getting over a bad divorce and a rape, and with Mike's love and strength, she fell in love with him and fought back, when they both had second chances to fall in love again for real. Plus, this dealt with Vanessa Rutledge, who was pregnant with her first baby and lost her husband to the war as Paul dealt with his feelings for her. A lovely bunch of people to fall in love with. You'll enjoy it.

This one dealt with a matters of the heart in the most gentlest terms with delicate words. I love the title of each book and the picturesque small California town. It always sounded like a lovely place to visit. I also loved how it dealt with two different people who needed to do some soul searching of their own, when it continued with Jack and Mel's story in contrast. You really can't find something wrong with this series, when it touched your heart and cry in the end.

Ready to hear a whisper? Give this book a shot today!


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Trust Me

The title of this great romantic suspense says it all. This deals with Skye's story to kick off the trilogy series, set in California, when her rapist has an early release in prison. She steels herself to prepare to fight him, when there's attempts on her life, along with other cases, and other issues, like falling in love with the detective on the case. Between his son and his ex-wife, he's torn with his feelings for her. Plus some shocking betrayals that end up deadly close to the end. Be careful who you trust... with your heart.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Left to Die

Better late than never, this was my first pick to read for my Lisa Jackson challenge I signed up for last year and have won this very book. Left to Die has plenty of action and suspense, lots of drama with hints of romance, and great twists to lead into the second book, Chosen to Die, which I'll read in September. This book will keep you hooked and guessing to the very end and to pick up the second book in the series. Pretty great read on a cold winter read. Beware of the stars.