Saturday, February 13, 2010

Never Seduce a Scoundrel

If you love a good historical romance, you'll enjoy a hot one like Sabrina Jeffries's Never Seduce A Scoundrel, the first book in the School of Heiresses  series. This kicked things off with Amelia Plume, an English heiress and a graduate from the school, that upon a dare, she met an American soldier named Major Lucas Winter, when she delivered a note to someone else in his lodge. From that moment on, both Amelia and Lucas run into each other. Amelia went out to seduce him, when she discovered he investigated her stepmother for a crime. Winter didn't see it coming, when she went out an adventure, and they go neck for neck, when she fell in love, and he succumbed to temptation. Later on, he revealed his dark past, while he fended off some bad guys. She later realized she loved him, when his secret ploy for vengeance was revealed, and love brought them together. A lovely historical romance to heat up your winter day.

This was a lovely introduction to this historical romance series.  This was a sense of intrigue and drama between Amelia and Lucas. But they both shared some emotional baggage in their past. I found Amelia a rare beauty, a passionate soul, and an adventure seeker. She was real interesting to read about. Lucas was the perfect match for her, when they ran into each other and discovered the passion between them. I loved the backdrop of 18th century England to set the scene and the heiress school as well. This would reel you in to keep you reading more of her work.

Don't get swept away? Hang on tight to a copy today!

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