Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Brave

In Nicholas Evans's the Brave, he gave us a heart-breaking and moving novel, a break from his eco-thrillers in the past, and gave us one of his best. This novel had a great combination of literary fiction and historical fiction entwined in this heart-pounding thriller. He took us on an emotional journey of Tom Bedford's life, when he weaved a good combination and segues of the past and the present. It was about his brave life, one he lived  that was filled of lies and half-truths. When adult Tom Bedford received devastating news about his only son, Daniel, a Marine who was in a troubling crisis in Montana, we were transported to a young English Tommy and the story of his life. Living through a hard life and heartaches, Tommy experienced hardships in a English boarding school and one of living in a Hollywood life of luxury that took a twisting turn to tragedy. He gave us a good balance of past and present and how brave he turned to be in his adult life. There was a lot of twists and turns that really pulled at your heartstrings real tight and makes you cry. This is one of his finest and the best.

This thriller was beautiful and heart-warming as The Horse Whisperer.  I really cared about Daniel and Tom Bedford as he relieved his life through flashbacks and to the present life, which really showed how brave he was throughout every single ordeal. This made me cry throughout the novel and had a heavy heart. I loved the beautiful locations of England to Montana to California and more. Each one had lovely settings too. Great drama and non-stop action, plenty of intrigue and suspense with a hint of romance along the way.

Will you be brave to read the Brave? Check it out today!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mind Scrambler

Do you believe in magic?  In Chris Grabenstein's Mind Scrambler, the 5th John Ceepak mystery, that's the question he he had asked. Can you separate fact from fiction, make believe from reality? When Danny Boyle's ex-girlfriend called him from Atlantic City for help, Boyle and Ceepak were on administrative leave for a week on a case. But when Boyle discovered her dead body, it was up to them to discover whodunit. While they worked with the ACPD, they unlocked the secrets on Richard Rock, a famous magician performing there, and in his family life and magic act. And everything's not what it seemed, when they keep hitting snags, left, right and center. They discovered the truth behind the optical illusions and the farce behind the fa├žade. Before it's too late, everything wasn't smoke and mirrors. A magician never reveals his tricks. But to Boyle and Ceepak, they uncovered the mystery behind it.

This was a great humorous mystery in the series. I continue to care and enjoy Ceepak and Boyle in this series. They make a helluva team and a duo in law enforcement. I loved the small Sea Haven and its vicinity locations along the New Jersey shore. The scenic settings were beautiful and painted a good picture. This would make you laugh and snort at the good scene and keep you in suspense to the end. Great drama, plenty of action and suspense with humor and a hint of intrigue.

Will you take a ride on the mind scrambler? If so, check it out today!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Can't Stand the Heat

If you love tempting romances that deals with culinary delights, this series is for you.  In Louisa Edwards's Can't Stand the Heat, the first book in the Recipe for Love romance series, she  introduced us to the NYC restaurant world. Miranda Wake was a food critic for a local food magazine and made a bold statement in Market, a hot new restaurant in town. Adam Temple was the main chef there who took her on as a challenge, like putting her money where her mouth is. For one month, she learned a lot about cooking and the wait staff in the restaurant, while she dug up dirt for a book. Then we meet Jess, her teenage brother she looked after, since they lost their parents at a young age. But he transferred colleges and dealt with his own issues, his own sexuality on being gay. Between that, Miranda had a lot on her own plate, when a disgruntled employee muddied the waters and then complicated her steamy relationship with Adam, when the news came out. But when it was up to Miranda to fix things, she learned more about cooking and also about herself and concocting the right ingredients for a recipe for love.

This was a fascinating new contemporary romance series that took us into the cooking and culinary world.  I cared about Miranda and Adam, especially with their dared bet going on behind the scenes. I also became worried about Jess and his feelings for being homosexual, which was told in a most delicate way. I loved the NYC backdrop for the scenic settings and the locations for the restaurant world. This would make you hungry for more and thirsty to cool down from the heated fireworks between them. Great romance, intriguing suspense and drama with plenty of non-stop action.

Give this book a try tonight!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


If you love cutthroat thrillers in the middle of political action, this espionage thriller is for you. In Gayle Lynds's Mesmerized, this espionage thriller will take you at the edge of your seat.  This took place in post-Cold War Era America between Russia and the USA, while another kind of war was going on. Beth Convey was an international lawyer, who was also a heart transplant patient, and now caught up into a mess, when she came across and witnessed a murder. Jeff Hammond was a former spy turned journalist, when it was after a possible mole in the FBI, and a potential person of interest. Beth and Jeff joined forces to stop a worldwide calamity between two countries in an international conspiracy. With Russian killers breathing down their necks, it was now up to them to stop them before it was too late. There's also a hint of romance to his fast-paced thriller.

This was a great espionage/politcal thriller that dealt with the Cold War head on. I cared about Beth and her heart condition and became concerned about Jeff Hammond and his career. I loved how they've gotten together to stop the bad guys and had feelings for each other. I also loved the dual locations of Russia and Washington D.C. in the United States for this scenic fast-paced thriller, too. This would take you behind the cold scenes of the cold war from start to finish. Great drama, excellent non-stop action with intrigue, suspense, romance and mystery.

Will you be mesmerized by this book? If so, give it a go today!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Sprinkle With Murder

If you love delightful culinary cozies, you'll enjoy Jenn McKinley's Sprinkle with Murder, the first book in the Cupcake Bakery Mystery series. This was a hot new culinary cozy series from Jenn McKinlay you'll love. We were introduced to Melanie Cooper and Joe DeLaura, best friends and business partners, who owned a cupcake store in Scottsdale, Arizona. They had a lot on their plate, with a rival cupcake bakery owner and a death of a bridezilla. And that had put Mel literally on the hot seat as the prime suspect. But to save her hide, she decided to snoop and find out who was the real culprit. And the closer she was to the truth, it placed her into harm and danger. But there was an awkward love triangle--or shall I say square--going on between Angie, Joe and herself. There was the bonus of yummy recipes and hints of humorous intrigue. Bon Appetite!

This was a delightful new culinary cozy series to read and enjoy. I cared about Joe, Angie and Melanie as friends and business partners, when there's a blossoming romance between two of them. I loved the Scottsdale Arizona location too with the picturesque scenic settings for this new culinary cozy.  This made me want to eat some delectable desserts and whet my appetite to read more. Great drama with non-stop action, tons of intrigue, romance and a hint of humorous suspense.

Check out Sprinkle with Murder today!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


In Allison Brennan's Stalked,  the fifth installment of the Lucy Kincaid series, we were introduced to the world of FBI training in Quantico. It all started with a reporter's murder in New York City, a connection to an old case, that took us back and forth to both places. When Lucy Kincaid's name popped up to connection to the murder, she'd been reeled in to help with the case. Meanwhile, while she was still undergoing vigorous training as a FBI trainee, someone made her nervous and had it in for her, while someone targeted the FBI and infiltrated the FBI for all the wrong reasons. Things do get serious, when one FBI agent died and another one ended up injured. We really do get inside the head of Lucy, when she dealt with this crisis, while we flashback to Peter McMahon's life being stalked by two people, living on the run, and until present day. There was red hot chemistry between FBI Suzanne Madeaux and Joe De Lucca, and a great romance between Lucy and Sean Rogan. What a rush!

This was another intense romantic suspense from Allison Brennan. I cared about Lucy and her FBI training in Quantico. I also liked the blooming romance between her and Sean Rogan, too. I loved the FBI  Academy in Quantico and California dual locations for this novel with scenic settings. This made me hold a deep breath and let out a huge sigh.  Great drama, intense suspense and lots of romance, non-stop action and mystery along the way to the end.

Will you find out why you're being stalked? If so, check this out today!

Friday, May 10, 2013


If you're up for a light read this summer, check out Ann Ripley's Mulch, the first book in her Gardening Mysteries series. She introduced us to Louise Eldridge and her family. They moved to a ritzy Washington D.C. neighborhood from Bethesda, Maryland. They made waves and new friends, while Bill worked for the government, and Louise was an organic gardener and freelance writer. When they discovered body parts in mulched garden bags, her family was under suspicion. But one of their neighbors had in it for them to keep it quiet. Louise's daughter Janie had a crush on a local neighbor's kid. This is a quick and easy read with a delightful gardening mystery.

This was a fun and enjoyable cozy series to read for light reading. I cared about Louise and her family, when they moved from Bethesda to Washington D.C., for a big relocation for Bill's  job. I loved the D.C. area location and her neighborhood settings for a charming cozy. I also enjoyed the gardening tips that was stored inside this cozy mystery. This would make you hold your breath for every chapter and page turn. Great drama, good non-stop action with plenty of intrigue and suspense with a hint of mystery for a gripping debut.

Will you discover mulch for your gardening pleasure today? If so, give it a go!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


In Kevin O'Brien's  Terrified, you'll be the edge of the seat with this thriller. Megan Keeslar faked her own death to escape an abusive husband and started a new life and protected her unborn son. Her husband had been in prison for over a decade and now had gotten out for his revenge for his life and claims his innocence. Now it was up to her to protect her teenage son. But someone who knew  her as Lisa Swann discovered her real secrets and was now after her, killing women who looked like her. And he had a personal agenda to hurt the people who's closest to her and the ones she loved. And with a psychopath on the line, it made it hard for Megan to keep up with her anonymity and her image out of the public eye. And that was why she was terrified, when she ran from the law and will had to do everything she could to save her life and her own son, even if she had to turn herself in, before she could escape. What a rush!

This was a bone-tingling and numbing thriller from Kevin O'Brien.  I cared about Megan/Lisa and her son and what she had to do to escape from her husband. I became worried about them and of their future. I loved the California/Oregon dual locations for the scenic settings for this novel. This would make you hold your breath and scream bloody murder later in the storyline with a soft sigh.  Great drama, excellent suspense and intrigue with non-stop action and thrilling mysteries along the way.

Will you be terrified tonight? If so, check it out today!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Halfway to the Grave

If you love paranormal romances with a juicy bite, you'll enjoy Jeanine Frost's Halfway to the Grave, the first installment in the Night Huntress series. Meet Catherine "Cat" Crawfield. She wasn't your typical woman. She was half-human and half-vampire and on a mission to kill vampires and search for her vampire father. We really saw things from her point of view--her mother's hatred of vamps, her grandparents shunning her, and her fight to become normal. And when she met Bones, a vampire bounty hunter, they made an unlikely pair. But the chemistry between them was unbelievable. Together, they've destroyed the vampires, while the odds were against them to stay together. And in the end, when their lives were at stake, she had to make a hard decision to keep the ones she loved safe for the sake of her own. Cat threw a punch and kicked butt as a night huntress for the undead. You'll root for her too.

This was an extraordinary paranormal romance debut. I cared about Cat and her vampire skills. I also liked how she was paired up with Bones on this deadly mission. I liked the vast locations and scenic settings for this series, above and below ground. This would take you on an adventure like no other, when you're in a cross of two worlds. Great drama, excellent non-stop action and intrigue, with a hint of mystery and tons of plenty of romance to keep us hooked on page one.

Will you step halfway to the grave? If so, prepare for a long night ahead with a copy today!