Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mind Scrambler

Do you believe in magic?  In Chris Grabenstein's Mind Scrambler, the 5th John Ceepak mystery, that's the question he he had asked. Can you separate fact from fiction, make believe from reality? When Danny Boyle's ex-girlfriend called him from Atlantic City for help, Boyle and Ceepak were on administrative leave for a week on a case. But when Boyle discovered her dead body, it was up to them to discover whodunit. While they worked with the ACPD, they unlocked the secrets on Richard Rock, a famous magician performing there, and in his family life and magic act. And everything's not what it seemed, when they keep hitting snags, left, right and center. They discovered the truth behind the optical illusions and the farce behind the fa├žade. Before it's too late, everything wasn't smoke and mirrors. A magician never reveals his tricks. But to Boyle and Ceepak, they uncovered the mystery behind it.

This was a great humorous mystery in the series. I continue to care and enjoy Ceepak and Boyle in this series. They make a helluva team and a duo in law enforcement. I loved the small Sea Haven and its vicinity locations along the New Jersey shore. The scenic settings were beautiful and painted a good picture. This would make you laugh and snort at the good scene and keep you in suspense to the end. Great drama, plenty of action and suspense with humor and a hint of intrigue.

Will you take a ride on the mind scrambler? If so, check it out today!

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